TV shows are made to be either extremely relatable to real life, or extreme opposites. But in a media world based on product placement, relatability is key. And leaving aside the commercial aspect of TV series, being able to relate to characters can be quite an amazing experience.
 article about How Much Is Your Life Like a TV Show?

Sitcoms are the best possible example of relatable shows because they are meant to mimic diverse aspects of real life in a very amusing way. Who didn't want to have a group of friends like Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe? Or go to a bar like McLaren's from How I Met Your Mother?

Not only do sitcoms mimic real life, but they create attractive traditions that we all aspire to. And these become more and more appealing as each of us feels understood when watching characters that are similar to us doing things that we usually do.

When you see the gang from Friends playing the lottery together and having so much fun, it's no surprise that you're going to feel tempted to put in your very own ticket. This was, in fact, one of the best lottery episodes in TV shows, because it was absolutely hilarious.

Feeling connected with your favorite characters in sitcoms and TV shows can also be extremely useful because it can provide some important life lessons. Based on the similarities between you and the characters, there comes a feeling of trust. Then, as they go through various experiences, you can actually compare it to similar situations you've been in or could find yourself in the future.

As such, the way they choose to handle these experiences will not only consolidate the connection you have with these characters but actually provide some valid advice for you. These may not regard life-changing situations, but rather day-to-day experiences that we all have to face.

The secret to making the most out it is not reading too much into it. If the character you feel most connected to is Rachel from Friends, this doesn't mean that you should start a career in fashion and have your very own Ross.

What it could mean though is that you may also have what it takes to make a change in your life and aspire to be better. Taking Rachel as a positive example could provide you with a sense of hope that could do wonders.

So, how much is your life like a TV show? Well, it turns out that it is actually more similar than you might think. And this has a little bit of magic in it because feeling that your life is like the movies can give you a significant confidence boost.

In the vast majority of sitcoms and TV shows, the characters do find a way to fix their problems and live not quite happily ever after, but at least get to a better place. Naturally, we are excluding Game of Thrones from this category of TV shows because chances are you don't have a Red Wedding in your future.

So, the next time you get a TV show flashback, smile, and regard it as a sparkle of hope. It will be one of those short moments that can make your entire day better and lift up your mood completely. It is all part of the extraordinary magic of movies.