While Trump would probably disagree with everything here, that's exactly what he did. Of course, he would probably say that he didn't fire anyone, but Sessions submitted his resignation letter himself. Which is true, but we all know how things like this are being done. He would also probably say that Session wasn't sent away because of the probe but because he was doing bad job in general. And, of course, he would most definitely lie about his own lies.

Whatever the real truth is, should something like this actually be able to happen in a democratic country (although, US hasn't been too democratic for a while now)? You mess up and you ask for a resignation of the person in charge of the man looking into your wrongdoings. Only to appoint a man you hope wouldn't care about what you may, or maybe have not done.

I seriously have no idea whether the Russia probe has any merit to it at all. But that doesn't matter here. Although, one thing is for sure, Trump has lied about facts relating to it numerous and numerous times, and then lied about not lying about them.

But imagine it was...John Wayne Gacy, a notorious serial killer. Imagine him saying that "no, I have never met that boy, neither the other boy." Next day - "okay, I met that boy, but I don't remember him." Next day - "okay, I remember him but I don't recall killing him." Next day - "are you sure the boy was killed at all? And if it was, it wasn't me. Or if it was me, was it really that bad?" Finally a prosecutor is assigned to prosecute him, and suddenly Gacy says that "no, I don't want that prosecutor, he thinks I might have done it and will actually want to do a thorough job, so no, I want someone who likes me and doesn't think I'd be capable of doing it or simply doesn't care. Let's get that guy instead."

Obviously, while Trump is terrible, he's not a serial killer. But just think about that parallel - that's pretty much what Trump is doing. If only everyone potentially guilty about something could replace everyone who might be trying to convict them.