As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the lockdowns imposed by this global crisis, you are probably spending more time with your partner than you ever have before.

At first, this might have felt like a fun treat, but as the novelty wears off, you might be left with a stale, boring relationship.

With some lockdown precautions to stay in place for many weeks, and possibly months, to come, it's important that you reinvigorate your relationship if you want it to survive.
If you're unsure of how to go about improving your relationship, particularly in these strange times, then read on to find some tried and tested tips.

Host Home Date Nights

Date nights are a great way to revitalise your relationship and keep the spark going even after several years, but with bars, pubs and restaurants currently closed to visitors, it can be hard to plan a date right now. Instead of going out, host a date night at your home. Try to do something different, like eating a picnic in the garden or making a fancy recipe that you don't usually have time for. Dress up and ask your partner to do the same, so that the night feels special. This event will help you both to reconnect and rejuvenate your feelings for one another.

Try Something New In The Bedroom

Spicing up your love life is an inventive way to relight the spark in your relationship. Communicate with your partner about what they would like to try so that you can both find a new position or activity that will stimulate your senses. If you're thinking of introducing anal play into your sex life and you've never done it before, then consider these toys. They will make anal play fun, comfortable and safe for you and your partner, so you can both enjoy your time together and reinvigorate your sex life.

Ask Them Questions

It might sound obvious, or even a little unusual, but asking questions is a great way to find out things you didn't know about your partner. They can be simple questions or more complicated ones about what they want from the future. You don't need to tell your partner what's going on; just start asking more questions. You might be surprised and intrigued by what you find out, which could lead to you taking a renewed interest in one another.

Enjoy Virtual Reunions With Friends And Family

Spending time with the people your partner loves the most can be a great way to get to know them and reinvigorate your love for them. After all, they will behave differently around their friends and family, who will have funny stories and anecdotes to share about them. Currently, it is difficult to meet with people outside of your household, so host virtual meetups to bring out the best in your partner and remind you of why you fell in love with them in the first place.

Play Games With Them

Games are another great way to get to know someone, as you can find out what they're like when they're competing and how they strategise. You'll also be able to make some fun memories together during the lockdown. Try to play board games, or a two-player video game if you have two gaming controllers. You could even make a quiz about the two of you and play it together, to create a personalised gaming experience. Whatever you decide to do, turn it into a unique event with snacks and music, so that you both feel exhilarated and able to relax in one another's presence.

Buy Them A Gift

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused many individuals to suffer from stress, which is affecting every aspect of their lives, including their relationships. If your partner is stressed and you are in a financially stable place, then consider buying them a thoughtful gift to improve their mood. You could buy them something that will allow them to learn a new skill or practice a new hobby, like a crafting kit or a recipe book. Alternatively, you could buy them a luxury item of clothing or some cosmetics, so that they can feel pampered.

Talk To Them

If your relationship problems are serious and you feel like your partner is doing nothing to help make things easier, then it's important that you talk to them about it. Sit down with them and have a serious conversation about where your relationship is going and if they're committed to making it work. If you are both willing to working together to improve your relationship, then ask them for ideas and things they'd like to do, so that you can collaborate. Working together, you should be able to get yourselves safely on the road to recovery and a loving, supportive relationship in no time.