When deciding to create a new account in some old or new social media app, we are usually offered multiple options for the new account creation and login - either manual sign up and log in, or you can sing up/log in through one of your social media accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google, or anything else. Using your social media accounts for signing up and logging in is definitely the easiest, most convenient way. But it might not always be such a great idea. Why?

The short and easy answer is privacy and security. Do you trust the new apps you sign up with your social media account login enough? Those apps can often use all of the data you have available in your social media account and what's more, they can share them with third parties (whether it's allowed or not). According to a study of more than 100k apps by Virginia Polytechnic Institute, the apps can sometimes mine information from each other without asking for permission first. So while you might be thinking that you're sharing some of your social media account data with this one app, by the end of the day you might discover that your data has been shared with other apps as well.

And that's just one thing. The other issue is when your social media account is hacked. It's bad when it happens anyway, but if if you have it connected to certain apps, all of your connected accounts are compromised as well. It's especially problematic if you have connected some payment wallet to your social media account. It's always a good idea to keep your sensitive data safe.