Many companies manufacturer printers that include a variety of features. Although all printers have unique design specs, there are some advantages and disadvantages that must be considered.

Ink Jet

An ink jet printer is a suitable option for projects that involve images with tons of colors. This printer produces bright, bold printouts by using technology that generates droplets. Because the droplets are blasted out of an inkjet chamber in a strategic way, design teams can operate ink jet printing hardware confidently during projects that involve:

- Regular paper

- Glossy paper

- Plastic

The only disadvantage is that ink jet printers require ink cartridges. As an ink jet printer produces prints, the ink in a typical cartridge decreases, and the color intensity on a sheet of paper will drop once the ink reaches a certain point. In order to enhance color intensity, someone must replace a partially drained cartridge with a full cartridge. If a printer uses all of the ink in a cartridge, the hardware won't print anything until the empty cartridge is replaced. The process of replacing an old cartridge is easy because the product snaps in place with ease. However, since some cartridges are expensive, a business must always set cash aside specifically for replacement ink cartridges.


Lasers printers are popular products that are manufactured by and other reputable brands. These printers generate prints by relying on hardware that produces electrostatic patterns. As this printing hardware charges the electrostatic energy, dots are formed on a drum that contains light. Throughout the entire printing process, the drums attract the toner. Then, the hardware transfers the toner to a sheet of paper. This printing cycle makes a laser printer beneficial in business environments where a staff frequently prints documents that require many sheets of paper. Laser printer hardware is a practical option for busy office environments because the equipment can produce prints very quickly.

These printers have one disadvantage, which is the size of the hardware. In order to use a laser printer efficiently in a work space, an office environment must have a dedicated area specifically for bulky units.

Multi Function

Multi function printers have many modes that benefit office employees during general projects. When employees need to share information, they can make copies by using the copy feature. If a unit has a fax, a manager can share documents with other companies by taking advantage of this printer option.

Because multi function printers have various features, a staff will have to review various instructions thoroughly in order to learn how to operate the equipment. This can be a disadvantage during the early phases of a business project when certain printing tasks must be done within a specific time span.