The past couple of years, eSports have been a very hot topic to discuss as the industry is rapidly growing and seems to have no stop to it. While some see limitations, others claim that competitive video games will replace traditional sports in the future. Only time will tell if this is the reality we're facing or not, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of companies are investing in eSports.

While a lot of game developers are making sure that their games are fit to become competitive sports, the betting industry seems to be the one that is growing the fastest. While already established betting sites are extending their coverage of eSports, we're seeing a lot of new sites that have chosen to only focus on and provide eSports betting. There are veterans with a lot of experience in the industry that have written reviews of eSport betting sites, which are showing that EGB, Bet365 and Arcanebet are amongst the top choices.

How fast is eSports betting growing?

It's hard to tell, but according to the betting site Pinnacle we're seeing an exponential growth, which means that the industry is growing faster for every year. Pinnacle have released charts that are showing that they had their first eSport bet placed in January 2010. By November 2015, almost six years later, they celebrated 2 million eSport bets. Now what's really interesting is that their next 2 million were reached in October 2016, which is less than a year after. These numbers are clearly talking for themselves. Furthermore, they reached 5 million eSport bets in February this year, which is 1 million bets in just 4 months and they are now predicting to have 10 million bets reached by January next year.

It's a new form of entertainment

Betting on eSport is like betting on any other of the traditional sports. It's a form of entertainment that appeals to those who are fans of the game in question. Just like having a bet placed when Manchester United is facing off against Real Madrid is upping the excitement of the match, a bet placed on Virtus Pro against Fnatic is doing the same thing.
What brings the entertainment to another level is the fact that some of the eSport betting sites have a wide selection of different markets offered on the most popular games. Should you for instance be a fan of League of Legends, you can find odds on which team will bring down the first tower or inhibitor, who will reach a certain number of kills first and a lot of other fun choices to place your bets on.

New games to bet on every year

As a lot of game developers and betting sites are seeing huge possibilities within eSport, you can be sure to find new games to bet on every year. At the moment you can find about twenty of them, which includes Dota 2, League of Legends and CS:GO as the most popular choices. Amongst the newest ones, which were all added this year, you're able to find Rocket League, FIFA 2017, King of Glory and Street Fighter 5.

With several new games being released each year and an eSport industry that seems to have no stop to it, the future will surely bring us a lot of new titles that will end up as eSports and shortly after that become available to bet on. After all, this is what we're currently seeing and the industry is still a very young one looking to mature.