The Worms series was created in 1995 by Andy Davidson, and has been a huge success, still continuing to be an active franchise over 22 years later. With over 24 entries in the main series, and a collection of spin offs including crazy golf, pinball, and even its own Paddy Power slots games. We take a look at some of the maddest and greatest weapons in the franchise!

Holy Hand Grenade
Similar to a regular grenade, but with a few noticeable differences. The Holy Hand Grenade, or "HHG" is always set to a 3 second timer and won't explode instantly when the timer runs out, instead, waiting for the grenade to come to a full stop before exploding. Just before detonation, the infamous "Hallelujah" sound effect can be heard. So popular is the weapon, it also an appearance in the 2007 video-game Team Fortress 2, with the HHG replacing Soldier's regular grenades.

Inflatable Scouser
Quite clearly modelled after the Harry Enfield sketch "The Scousers", the Inflatable Scouser is a human doll that can be controlled by the player, walking forward or backwards until it comes into contact with a worm, absorbing it and floating up towards the sky, causing damage.

Kamikaze means "Divine Wind" in Japanese, and is a reference to a suicide attack by the Japanese in World War II. When initiated, the worm will put on a bandana, and move forward, flying through the air and then explode until it explodes on its given target, resulting in the death of the player.

Banana Bomb
One of the trademark weapons in the Worms Franchise, the Banana Bomb is similar to the cluster bomb in that it is triggered by a timer set between 1-5 seconds. It explodes similarly to dynamite, and scatters shards of bananas, causing damage to anything they come into contact with.

Homing Pigeon
Nice, straight forward and deadly. Simply click your target, and rain destruction. Although it seems foolproof, the pigeon only lasts a mere 5 seconds before self-destructing, and on occasion can turn round and fly directly at you of its own accord, even if you didn't target yourself.

Concrete Donkey
As it's rather straight forward name suggests, the concrete Donkey is exactly that. A powerful weapon capable of devastating even the hardiest of worm. The weapon descends from the sky, destroying the landscape beneath, usually breaking through to the water beneath, and resulting in the drowning of worms.

Super Sheep
First introduced in the 1997 game Worms: The Director's Cut, the Super Sheep is identical to the Sheep, the only difference being that it is also able to fly, with the player having total control over its flight path and direction. The Super Sheep has been in all but one of the games so far, and has mostly stayed exactly the same aside from a few aesthetic changes.