Each of the 16 states comprising the American South has a unique culture and history that attracts millions of visitors every year. Visit these four stunning U.S. cities the next time you're road tripping through this part of the country.

Amarillo, Texas

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Amarillo is the last sizable city you'll pass through on a trip north through Texas towards Oklahoma. Make it a pit stop to take advantage of convenient hotels right off Interstates 40 and 27 and take a break from driving. In the morning, you can head south to reach Lubbock or go east toward Oklahoma City. Or, you could set aside a day or two to explore this charming Texas town and see attractions like Palo Duro Canyon, Wonderland Park, and Cadillac Ranch.

Dripping Springs, Texas

Dripping Springs is a small town with a population of fewer than 5,000 people. This makes it an appealing alternative for those who want to avoid crowds from nearby Austin, which has roughly 950,000 people. Find a hotel in the city to work your trip around Austin's heavy rush hour traffic, or set aside a day for hiking and picnicking at Dripping Springs Ranch Park.

Though Dripping Springs is a small city, it has many unique local restaurants. Creek Road Café, for example, serves dishes such as steak, pork chops, and sautéed shrimp (wild caught and fresh from the Gulf) and has a backyard patio and wine bar to help you unwind.

College Park, Georgia

A small city on the outskirts of Atlanta, College Park is a wonderful alternative to staying closer to the heart of the nearby metropolis. You'll enjoy convenience to Interstates 285 and 85, allowing you to take quick day trips to Atlanta while retreating back for a quieter stay away from the city. Plus, you'll find more affordable room rates compared to what's on offer as you get closer to downtown.

Of course, College Park has plenty of its own charm. With a trip to the Delta Flight Museum or Hindu Temple of Atlanta, you'll cherish your time here. You should also plan for a meal at Bole Ethiopian Restaurant - one of the best eateries in College Park and arguably all of the Atlanta area.

Brunswick, Georgia

Brunswick is a city on Georgia's southeast coast and is a hidden gem among southern destinations. History lovers will enjoy the Victorian-era Old Town Historic District, which is one of the area's main attractions. Other sights nearby include Fort Frederica National Monument and St. Simons Island Light.

Look for a hotel room in Brunswick to enjoy easy access to the four barrier islands that form Georgia's Golden Isles. Though the area does attract tourists looking to cool off in the summer, Brunswick and these small Georgia coast islands are underrated vacation spots.

If your trip starts in Amarillo, you'll have a long and adventurous drive as you head east toward the coast for a stay in Brunswick. But with so much to discover in the American South, you'll find culture and history any direction you go.