If you are a veteran, or considering becoming one in time, it might be worth considering how far the benefits on offer may take you. That way, you may have a fuller understanding of what you can come to expect, and perhaps even adjust your life plans accordingly.

Retirement Options

When military personnel retire, they may be eligible for different schemes. Their families may benefit also.  

There are two pension programs veterans can make use of. One is the Medal of Honor pension, which recipients can use for life. The other is the Veteran's pension, which is for over 65 wartime veterans who have a limited income and are no longer able to work. There is also the survivor's pension, which caters to un-remarried spouses, and any children, of veterans who have died in action. 

Career-Focused Degree Programs

Veterans are entitled to many benefits surrounding education, with the GI bill often being used to help cover the costs of educational programs for them.

To improve your chances of promotion in a military career, it could be a good idea to utilize any education programs, college funds, and scholarships you may be presented with. Certain institutions may also offer hefty tuition fee discounts for veterans and their spouses and provide dedicated military support right the way through the degree program.  

Career-focused degree programs may also provide online learning opportunities so that your studies organically slot into your schedule. You can then avoid excuses of minimizing your workload, and instead push yourself to reach your fullest potential. Few other careers have dynamic resources that are so dedicated to upskilling their recruits, so try to utilize these arrangements completely should you ever be fortunate enough to experience them.

VA Home Loans

After years spent travelling in the military, settling into civilian life could be made easier if veterans use the mortgage benefits that are readily provided.

It could be that VA home loans can help you whether you are still on active duty or your service has ended. With Hero Loan you could start a quick 5-minute approval process, enabling you to smoothly buy your first or next home. They can also help you calculate your monthly payments and find your rates. You could also refinance and take advantage of your home's equity with their guidance, freeing up spending for other areas of your life.

While others are often locked into these arrangements, veterans may be afforded more flexibility in their housing arrangements. Try to remember that you do have options here and make good use of them so that you and your military family can thrive in the future.