Exactly how many illegal immigrants are living in the United States today? Well, that depends on who you ask.

If it's the government and academic circles, they'll tell you that
there are around 9 to 11 million illegal aliens living in the United
States. If you ask FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration
Reform, they'll tell you that there are about 10 to 12 million. Of
course you could also ask the Center for Immigration Studies and
they'll say there are around 10 million.

How many more of these
illegal immigrants are coming into the United States each year? Once
again, it depends on who you ask but a ballpark figure is about half a
million. Half a million illegal immigrants coming into the United
States every year! That's well over 41,000 arriving every single month!
Or about 1400 every day! So who are these masses of people who
illegally invade our country every day? Where do they come from?
According to the US Census Bureau, the largest group is from Central
America, almost 37%, Mexico being the largest contributor there. The
next largest group is from the Caribbean with about 10%. Asia
contributes a full 25% of the total with South America, Europe and
other regions making up the rest.

So, does it matter? Is it
important? Should we care about these facts? Why should the average
American be concerned with illegal immigration? Well, there are, as you
might have guessed, two sides to the issue. There are those who say
that immigration, illegal or otherwise, is a good thing for America.
The proponents of immigration maintain that immigrants actually help
the American economy by working diligently and filling low-wage
positions that many others find undesirable. They state that the
average American citizen benefits from a healthier economy and lower
prices on goods and services due to the influx of cheap labor.

there are those who say that illegal immigration is detrimental to
America's economy, society, and standard of living. The critics state
that illegal immigrants take low-skilled jobs away from American
citizens. Some also contend that the average wages of Americans without
a high school degree have fallen because of competition with newly
arrived immigrants, who frequently work for less money.

As you
probably know, the branch of the United States government that deals
with illegal immigration was the Immigration and Naturalization
Service(http://uscis.gov/graphics/index.htm). That's what they used to
be called. Since 9/11 the INS was merged into the Department of
Homeland Security and renamed US Citizenship and Immigration Services.
The USCIS employs about 18,000 employees and contractors through a
network of local offices, application support centers, service centers,
local area immigration services field offices, National Customer
Service Call Centers, Forms Centers, and the Internet. If there were
18,000 people in a company, asking them to keep track of all 10 million
customers would not be un-ordinary. It is commonly done every day in
the business world.

Regardless of how you feel about these
numbers, there are a lot of people who will agree with you, as each
side has an approximately equal share of the population. There are
those who feel that immigration is a good thing and, of course, there
are those who think it's hurting America.

Consider the following facts:

Since October of last year the total number of illegal immigrants picked up, who have criminal records, is well over 8,000.

every 1000 people in the United States you can expect about 48 of them
to commit some form of crime. Which means there are about 48,000 crimes
committed for every million people. And, remember, there are over
11,000,000 illegal aliens in the country. The USCIS is currently
looking for over 400,000 fugitive immigrants in the United States. In
one case, a 38 year old Mexican man committed a sexual assault on a
child and then, of course, he didn't bother to show up for his court
date. He was later caught in an apparent routine traffic stop. In a
similar incident, another 38 year old illegal immigrant video-taped
himself having sex with a 12 year old girl. He was only caught because
the woman he was showing the tape to, for God only knows what reason,
called the police. This unwanted visitor to the United States is only
one of 96 immigrants with criminal records for sex offenses recorded
since only October 1st of last year.

Still further examples of
illegal immigrants flagrantly violating America's laws stem from an
incident in Laredo, Texas in February. A television reporter barely
survived an assassination attempt because he happened to have that day
off. Gunmen riddled his car with bullets in the early morning when they
suspected he would be leaving for work. The reporter had shown a video
of an interview with an informant disclosing information on a notorious
Mexican gang who controls drug flow across the border from Laredo.
According to the San Antonio newspaper where this article first
appeared, at least 25 Americans have disappeared in Laredo in the past
7 months. This gang is reportedly one of the most violent in America
and they consist largely of members who are in the US illegally. Among
their other activities, they visited the house of a man who refused to
pay them protection money. "They went to his house, raped his wife,
killed his mother and they killed everyone else and cut him into pieces
and they set his house on fire", according to a former member who is
now in fear for his own life.

These examples are only a small
number of what goes on every week around the southern border of the US.
This is not just an issue of poor immigrants coming to America to find
work. There is literally a war going on. America is being invaded by
violent criminals and our government, who has sworn to protect its
citizens, is aware of this fact. And yet it continues. Just as it has
for the past 20 years or more.

How long are we American
citizens going to tolerate this abuse of our nation's laws and
citizens? How many more innocent women and children have to die before
Americans finally say that enough have died?

Now anyone who
believes that another 9/11 can't happen at any time is simply not being
logical. The leaders of the department of Homeland Security have said
over and over that it's not IF another terrorist attack will take
place, its WHEN will that attack occur. I urge you to contact your
local representatives, your Senators and Congressmen, your local
activist groups and let your voice be heard. The only way our
government is going to finally put an end to this intolerable situation
is when the people who elected them stand up and demand that action be
taken. We no longer have the luxury of standing by and waiting for the
federal government to do the right thing. Next time, it could be your
girlfriend, or sister, or mother, who gets raped and killed.