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Building a solid horse racing treble bet

 article about Building a solid horse racing treble bet
When betting on horse racing, opting for a single selection that you wholeheartedly believe in has a lot of positives but there's also as many reasons to back your bets as a three-fold treble. Horse racing betting is a worthwhile hobby as long as you're doing it responsibly, and a lot of the sport's more experienced punters would argue that you get the most out of it from finding three reliable picks and combining them.

Basic horse racing betting is made up of backing singles, doubles or trebles. This differs to football, where it's more likely that you'd make up an accumulator rather than getting behind a few results to go a certain way. That's mostly down to the higher odds in horse racing and the slimmer chance of things going in your favour. For examples of treble bets and insight into exactly how to create your own, The Winners Enclosure run their own page devoted to Win Treble bets and Each Way Treble bets, so they're certainly worth checking out.

Recommended horse racing treble bet selections

Any horse racing tip must be made on the solid foundations of statistics, form and any other level of research that's needed prior to backing your bet. The same obviously goes for building a strong Win Treble bet, but the way in which you decide what selections are included is slightly different. You need a sensible variety of options in order for the bookmaker price to be worth backing but not so high that your chances are slim.

While selecting three horses with 1/3 odds could see your bet landing in your favour, you won't receive odds anywhere near what you'd have first expected. This could lead to betting more than you'd like â€" something that counts towards gambling irresponsibly, which we'd always advise against.

Shop around for nags to bet on and the endless list of races taking place in a given day and if you can find at least one horse that's over evens, then it doesn't even matter so much if the other two are under evens by some distance. Odds of around 9/1 or over is to be expected from a typical Win Treble in horse racing. Anything vastly below that would be nothing short of blindly backing three favourites, which can be somewhat reckless when backing your own bets.

A Win Treble Bet or an Each Way Treble Bet?

Backing your horse racing treble bet to win or each way is something you need to work out before wagering any money. This will depend on how much money you're willing to stake, as in backing your treble each way, you'll need to put two times what you would have for your bet to win outright.

This offers more opportunities as all three horses are able to place rather than win, but with that comes lesser odds if all three horses end up winning when you'd backed them all to simply finish in the top few places. Depending on whether you're backing your treble bet to win or place, your selections could be impacted. For instance, backing horses to place tends to mean that you'll be getting behind some with bigger odds, as even finishing in the top few places will still continue your bet, so there's less seriousness over your picks winning.

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