When two people get into a relationship with each other, one partner may have some habits which aren't exactly favorable. These habits can be things such as drinking alcohol and smoking. These habits can affect their judgment, ability to think logically, and cause health problems years down the road. Some other less than favorable habits can be stealing or lying. These habits will have you questioning how much you're truly able to trust your partner and if they're going to end up in enough trouble to cause you to leave.

These habits can have the potential to be overlooked depending on how excessive they currently are. Plenty of people smoke, and there's a chance you may be a smoker as well. You may have switched to vaping as it seemed like a better alternative to your health. Many smokers choose to switch to vaping because of this reason. If your partner is a regular smoker, maybe you can convince them to try checking out The Vape Mall. There they can find quality premium juice and vape supplies without a premium price.

Just with smoking, there are also plenty of people who drink alcohol. But everyone's amount of alcohol consumption is different. Some people only drink in social situations. Others may head out to the bar exclusively on Friday or Saturday nights. And there are several people who are practically alcoholics because getting drunk every night after work is their way of coping with stress. If this happens to be your partner, that's obviously a bit of a problem, especially if they can be an angry drunk.

It may be best to approach them about this issue when they're sober. Try to get them to understand how their drinking is problematic for your relationship. Talk about what exactly is causing them to be stressed enough to drink. Try to talk about some more pleasant alternatives to deal with the stress they're experiencing. Maybe rehab or AA meetings can be suggested since finding stress-relieving alternatives isn't going to be enough to quit the drinking.

One thing a relationship needs in order to last is trust. Each person needs to be able to trust that the other is going to be faithful. If your partner has a habit of lying, trust isn't going to be easy. You have no idea what kind of secrets they're keeping from you. When one partner is lying, usually the automatic assumption is that they're cheating. Even if they lie about something minor such as their age or job, it has you questioning everything they tell you.

If they're a habitual liar, there's the chance they were raised by a habitual liar. They may have picked up the habit through growing up with it, but they don't have to be stuck with it. One thing you could try to do to break their habit of lying is minor punishments whenever they get caught in a lie. Just as you would give candy to a kid to reward good behavior, maybe give them the silent treatment to discourage them from lying. Do whatever you think will send the message that their lying could end your relationship.

Stealing can also be a habit which makes it hard to maintain a relationship. It might be shoplifting or stealing money from their parents. Stealing can create as many trust issues as lying, especially if they're stealing for the sake of their smoking or drinking. Whatever methods you attempt to use to break their lying habit could also apply to break their stealing. Maybe deny them intimacy or refuse to bail them out of jail.

A final unfavorable habit would be a drug addiction. Drugs are an illegal habit that can destroy someone's life. There are plenty of jobs that include passing a drug test. Being on drugs can result in being homeless as the people around them don't want illegal substances in their house. A relationship with someone who is out on the streets doesn't sound ideal. If your partner happens to do drugs, keeping you around may be their motivation to seek treatment and quit. People everywhere may have little annoying habits that may scare a partner away, but these five can typically be deal-breaking habits.