If you like to puff every once in a while, why not, especially if you live in a place where it is legalised. I personally love the smell of it. And of course, if it's good weed, it's sometimes nice to smoke as well, but there's a time and place for everything, same as with alcohol.

In United States recreational marijuana usage has been legalised in eight states, and I think that's great. Ideally it would be legalised in all states. But there are some worrying statistics.

The Highway Loss Data Institute conducted a study to see if there's a link between legal pot and car crashes, and the result - yes, there is.

The study focused on three states where recreational marijuana has been legalised - Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

According to the results, in those three states auto collision frequency increased 3 percent compared to states where recreational use is not legalised.

"More drivers admit to using marijuana, and it is showing up more frequently among people involved in crashes," says the study.

David Zuby from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said that "The HLDI's findings on the early experience in Colorado, Oregon and Washington should give other states eyeing legalization pause."

While the numbers show what they show and in all honesty, they make sense, we have to mention two things. And no, we don't agree with David Zuby. Firstly, The Highway Loss Data Institute has connections to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety which is funded by insurance companies. And insurance companies have interest in not paying claims whenever possible. And impaired driving is one of those cases. Secondly, driving under the influence of weed and driving under the influence of alcohol, they are not so different. It's got nothing to do with weed or alcohol and doesn't mean they should be banned. Instead, people should keep in mind that there's a time and place for everything.