It started when I was really young, probably 6 or 7. I shared a dream like every young girl, and that dream was to be a model. I know, pretty sad, but it only lasted for a short time. I got up the guts to tell my parents that and knew they were going to be against it. They told me the sugarcoated version of why I would never be a model. "Honey, you are beautiful but you are not going to be tall enough" was pretty much what they said. Right then and there I knew I wanted to be tall. Every child wants what he or she can't have so it really makes perfect sense.

I got over wanting to be tall after 4 years, then it started all over again! It would also be appropriate to tell you that some of my family is absolutely obsessed with height. This special someone (not my mom or dad) has pretty much tormented me and everyone else with this special topic. Anyway, I had become a very serious tennis player. At that time, I wanted to become a pro which again was foolish. Anyone who follows tennis knows that the women are Amazons. Few pros are shorter than 5'8. No way in hell was I going to be that tall! So, I did what any resourceful person would do.

I had found these products that were supposed to be make you grow. I thought I might have stumbled onto miracle growth enhancers on the World Wide Web. I was so excited! Maybe, I would grow into a giant! Now, I was only 11 at the time, so there was no way I could afford these things, so I asked for them for Christmas. What I discoverd in my stocking that year might freak some people out, but I couldn't have been happier. I received vitamins with the right potency to make you grow. I also received a book on exercises that would stretch you out to the last possible inch your body is capable of. Also, how could I forget the torture foot pads. They were foot pads that you put in your shoe that had a 3-inch triangle in your arch area. Needless to say, they hurt like hell! I used these products for about half a year, and when I saw no difference I did the American thing -I quit!

However, I did not give up hope. There was one last resort I had to try and that was God. Yes, I did have issues. So, I started praying every night to grow 5 inches. He must not have heard me. Throughout this whole time I dealt with the torture of everyone telling my younger sister how tall she was getting! I was dreading the day when she would pass me. The day turned out not to be that bad. It was actually kind of a relief. I stopped standing on my tiptoes in pictures and just got over the fact that I wasn't going to be tall. My sister is now 5'7 and never forgets to remind me that she is taller. In my humble opinion, I think she has a severe inferiority complex with me, and that is the only thing she has over me. Maybe that's not so humble, but who cares!

Most people probably don't understand this obsession but most still facilitate unconsciously. Did you know that almost all CEO's are over 6'0. No, that does not mean that height makes you a more capable person. It just illustrates that humans, no matter how advanced, are still animals. The taller you are the better suited you are. Whatever! However, this mindset pervades most people's psyche. In fact, tall people have higher salaries than shorter people of the same job and capabilities. Totally unfair! Maybe I was right to want to be taller.

I have to admit, though, I am just glad to be a short girl and not a short guy. They have it a lot rougher. At least I can wear heels! Let's take a moment to thank God for heels. Heels really are miracles. Unfortunately for guys, the platform shoes are out right now. Who knows, though. They could come back eventually. Until then, we short people can stick together and cheer on the other shrimps!

I have never really been a fan of any celebrity, but I got to admit I definitely cheer on the shorter athletes, models, and even actors! You go Amanda Coetzer and Kate Moss! There is truly a role model for everyone.

I do not expect to change your subconscious, but maybe you can be more aware of your prejudices on height. If you have children, I suggest instilling in them that looks are superficial so you can avoid seriously afflicted kids that drive you nuts. My parents tried, but it never really got through. For the record: Not all short people are as psychotic as me.