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Indonesian airliner crashes into the sea, 188 passengers feared dead

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An Indonesian airliner, The Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8, has crashed into the sea, most likely killing all 188 passengers and crew. The plane crashed just 13 minutes after taking off from Jakarta. The plane was flying to Pangkal Pinang.

According to reports, after take-off the plane suddenly lost altitude and then disappeared from radar.

Yusuf Latif, spokesman for Search and Rescue Agency, said that "The plane crashed into water about 30 to 40 meters deep. We're still searching for the remains of the plane."

The cause of the crash is not yet know, but it's definitely a strange one, considering it was a brand new plane, delivered to Lion Air just August this year.

While it's not been confirmed yet that the crash has killed all the passengers, and the search for survivors is ongoing, most likely all the passengers and crew were killed in the crash.

According to Reuters the pilot and co-pilot had a combined 11,000 hours of flying time before the crash.

Based on data from FlightRadar24 the first sign of problems was at around two minutes into the flight after the plane had reached 610 meters when it suddenly descended more than 152 meters and turned to the left, then climbing again to 1 524 meters. The plane reached the speed of 397 mph and went off radar at the altitude of 1,113 meters 15 km north of the Indonesian coast.

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