If you have ever bet on sports then it's a lock that you have felt that gut-wrenching pain that goes along with losing. The pain is exponentially intensified when what seems like a sure winner turns into a loser with an unforeseen last-second score. You can be sure that many big-screen televisions get destroyed by furious sports bettors every day because some team pulls off a miracle back-door cover. It doesn't seem to matter how much research you put into your picks, they just don't seem to pay off.

 Jeff Johnson knows how you feel but it isn't so much from his own personal experience with losing sports bets. No. He understands because of the stories that he's heard from the mushes that he has helped turn into winners over the years. Jeff Johnson is one of the world's best sports handicappers and he is here to turn you into a winner by using a carefully crafted system of his own design. After making millions on Bitcoin he has turned his focus back to his passion using his computer programming skills to create opportunities to find inefficiencies with bookmakers lines and to turn profits from there.

The Agency

 Jeff manages a crack group of informants known as "The Agency". The Agency has only one mission and that is to gather as much information about sporting events as humanly possible. The kind of information that The Agency gathers goes far beyond the basics that average sports bettors have access to. He takes this information and compiles it into his algorithms and this information is transformed into what Jeff calls his Premium Picks service.

What Are Premium Picks?

Once this valuable data has been collected, it is entered into a computer where it is rigorously tested and analyzed. The data is then run through the entire wagering board through a series of models and systems that takes every team, player, and even the coaches into account to produce an extremely precise power rating. It is these ratings that determine the strength of every possible wager. 

 Jeff uses special software that he developed himself to run each individual potential wager through at least 10,000 simulations. If the advanced program shows that the wager has a 70% or greater chance to cover the spread then it is released as a Premium Pick. Only the very best selections are released which is why Jeff Johnson has such a great track record for picking winners.

How Can I Use A Premium Pick? Is This Legal?

 First off, yes, this is perfectly legal and there a lot of sports betting experts that sell their picks. The main difference between Jeff Johnson and the other touts that want to sell you their picks is that Jeff Johnson's picks will actually win you money.

 Once you have Jeff Johnson's pick, you can place your bet with a local bookie, a reputable offshore bookmaker, or a Las Vegas bookmaker. You can use your Premium Pick anywhere that sports wagers are accepted. If you want to turn your bookie into an ATM machine that will fork over $20,000 every couple of weeks then Jeff can help you make that happen.

What Sports Does Jeff Johnson Offer Premium Picks On?

You can get Jeff Johnson's Premium Pick for almost any sport. NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, NHL, MLB, PGA, MLS, European soccer, MMA, Boxing, and even Premium Picks for horse racing are available. This means that you can get your hands on winning picks and build your bankroll throughout the entire year. There's no end to the amount of money you can win with Jeff's Premium Picks.

 With the 2018 NFL upon us, this is a great time to get Jeff's picks. You can purchase

How Do I Know He's The "Real Deal"?

 Jeff realizes that talk is cheap so he wants to prove to you that his Premium Picks win money. Simply go to Premiumpicks.com and sign up by entering your email address in the box provided. You will then receive a free trial Premium Pick from Jeff. That's a $199 value! Once you win with your free pick then you will know for sure that he means what he says.

 If you want further proof of how this sports betting genius can turn your sports wagering fortunes around then you can read Don from Denver's testimonial in which he tells of how he couldn't pick a winner to save his life. After crossing paths with Jeff and seeking his advice, Don has rejuvenated his bankroll.

Rick from Atlanta thought that maybe Jeff Johnson was just another snake oil salesman but he put his faith in Jeff. The result? Rick is withdrawing from his offshore sports betting account on a regular basis. Then we have Brandon from Dallas who stated that he used to be a skeptic when it came to accepting sports betting advice. Brandon now knows first-hand that Jeff Johnson stands high above the rest in his field.

You Have Nothing To Lose And A Lot To Gain

Taking advantage of Jeff Johnson's free Premium Pick costs you nothing but it can change your life for the better. No longer will you need to scramble for money to pay your bookie. No more reloading your sports betting account and no more throwing half-empty bottles through your television screen after a bad beat. Those days of not being able to look at your significant other in the eye because of the shame you feel from losing a sports bet are behind you now. It all starts with a free Premium Pick at Premiumpicks.com.