Crystal Tein
I have been active in student politicial clubs and societies in the National University of Singapore. I have also helped out in "Meet the People" sessions under the banner of PAP, but am NOT a member of Youngpap. I have also helped out in my neighborhood committee. I am a Singaporean who do not get along that much with my own generation so I think it is impossible for me to contribute much to Singapore.
Author articles
To be Worthy or Worthless
A leech is a useful insect,
And good for medical treatment at that,
A mosquito is not,
And a pest at that.
A cat is expensive when it... continue reading
My Anguish
An anguish sears within me,
It tears me,
Tears my soul apart.
My mind in overdrive,
My heart-
In shreds.
It has always existed,
For reason I know not.
"Is it always destined to be like this?"
I always ask myself,
Yet perhaps always asking myself,
Makes me think about it all the more.
Everyda... continue reading
My Anguish
An anguish sears within me,
It tears me,
Tears my soul apart.
My mind in overdrive,
My heart-
In shreds.
It has always existed,
For reason I know not.
"Is it always destined to be like this?"
I always ask myself,
Yet perhaps always asking myself,
Makes me think about it all the more.
Everyda... continue reading
Sweet Money Talk
A husband must have control over his wife,
Without which he does not feel secure,
This is the case-
For most men.
I must earn more than you,
Otherwise I am not a man,
You understand, dear?
I love you.
But my mother tells me I must have a bit of my own savings,
A woman must protect herself,
In ... continue reading
What are you, pray tell?
There is no answer,
When we are empty,
When there is longing-
There is this immense thirst hankered after.
But what are we hankering for?
For what we know not.
Except this is the state of being alive.
If being alive is to have a hole within you,
That is... continue reading
Spenders vs Savers
Having a good time is important,
To some pleasure seeking folks,
To them, what is life-
If you donít go out and live life?
Why are you dressed like this?
No style.
And your hair and skin are not so good.
You want money?
Money is meant to be spent, donít you think so?
Not for hoarding an... continue reading
You have no voice,
Authority is everywhere.
You are helpless in a corner,
That was what happened in school.
Behind pretty faces and nice words,
Lie the skeleton of a zombie,
A living death,
A cruel fate.
When one of the great kings laid in a graveyard,
Behold a pretty and pious young woman,
Th... continue reading
The Global Millennium Economic Crisis
Mother Nature wrecked her havoc,
Many properties in America destroyed,
Homes are lost.
Banks lent money to finance these mortgages,
Real estate companies built these houses with some loaning money from banks as well,
Now money is lost resulting in sub-prime crisis.
With banks in America stretched ... continue reading
Gambling Fiction: News from Planet Earth
There were, and still are, seven princesses and five princes. The rule of the game is: there can only be four kings and four queens on the good side, with an additional clause; the seventh princess must definitely be chosen, for she is heart. Without her, the entire galaxy will be devoid of "heart".

The penalty of ... continue reading
It is nothing.
One hurts oneself.
There is no reason.
It is simply a spurt within,
That steeps one in agony,
And you want to scream.
You want to shout, shout, shout,
Cut, ... continue reading
It's not that Bad a World
Itís not that bad a world sometimes,
Itís not that bad a world.
Not everybody can like you you know,
Thatís just how it is in this world.
There will be many people in your life,
Who treat you good or bad,
Itís just up to you to how you take it,
Throughout the course of life.
Sometimes we are luc... continue reading
One Singapore Employer
It doesnít really matter what a person do or donít do in Singapore,
Itís just your voice,
Itís just your face,
In short-
It just boils down to whether we like you or not.
You want a job?
Sorry, we have too many resumes in our computers,
You know how we sort out resumes?
We look at your photographs,
And... continue reading
The Big Picture and Small Picture
Price of food,
Price of oil,
And wages,
Inflation sets in,
Where money is lower than its value.
So what is one to do?
And what is a government to do,
Pray tell?
To give subsidies,
Will gain popularity and approval ratings,... continue reading
Anything is Dangerous
This is dangerous,
This is safe,
Donít do this,
Do that.
Fasten a seat-belt,
Eat slowly,
Be prudent.
It is a tad amusing, is it not?
For is it not a fact that in fact,
Anything is dangerous?
One can be studying diligently at school in China,
And the building topples.
This is dangerou... continue reading
Itís the end of a stressful day,
And oneís body is calling for help.
What to do?
Oneís skin is coming out in blotches,
People say you are ugly.
What to do?
I need chocolate,
I need milk,
I need coffee,
I need soup.
Itís all a quick-fix situation,
In this fast fast w... continue reading
Inside a Computer Game Addict's Mind
Itís just numb-
The computer game and I are numb.
Mum is asking,
And I am playing computer games yet again.
I know this game very well Mum,
I donít need to think,
Itís just a common reflex,
My fingers and the buttons.
The score is getting higher and higher,
The numbers are increasing rapidly,
... continue reading
My Reputation
You want to destroy my reputation?
I wonít let you.
Many surnames have been floated around,
But never would I have guessed,
That you know,
That my ancestor is none other than,
Toh Chin Chye.
 ... continue reading
The Animal Kingdom

Animals are intrinsically intriguing,
With their behavior,
There are many facets,
Such as the food chain and mating rituals.
The proud peacock,
The wise owl,
The agile monkey,
The sly fox.
Those which are fast and strong,
Can get their food by fair means,
Those who fall below the mark,
Have... continue reading
The Ordinary
The sun is in the sky,
It is day.
The moon is in the sky,
It is night.
The room is containing me,
It is the room at home,
Fruits are eaten,
I like grapes.
The purplish mode of the grapes,
Very ordinary,
Very contrite-
I suddenly realize,
The sky with the changes from blue, gree... continue reading
A Bastard Chinese Man's Voice
I really have no time to get to know people, you know,
I am busy,
Time is money,
I just see your face for a few minutes,
Make a judgment,
And thatís it-
Ta ta.
When I see fat, ugly women,
I just want to laugh.
I see them walking through the door-
And their bodies occupying most of the space-
... continue reading
Sweet Memories
When we were young,
We would study in the reading room together,
Hang out at cafes with books together,
That was fun-
Sweet memories.
We would go to the vending machines,
And buy instant mee at only fifty cents a cup,
And slurp it all up,
That was fun-
Sweet memories.
We would study till the w... continue reading
The Olympic Torch
Before the Olympics has even taken place,
The Olympic torch is fraught with fire.
Relations are ice-cold.
China in actual fact has been amply warned,
Media reports galore highlight the unfair ballooning trade imbalance,
But China chose to play dumb.
The Olympic touch is to a certain extent a symbo... continue reading
The Real World with Real People
There are some who say there are others not in the real world,
But what is the real world, pray tell?
It is people who envision and create whatever world we are in.
People cheat,
People steal,
And many people plot.
But isnít it tiring to always be on guard?
After a while, wonít one become tired,
... continue reading
Artisans Wind and Rain
Gently whispering among the trees,
The wind starts gathering its wings-
With rain as its bosom friend,
A light, misty and airy scene-
Many strokes on the window panes,
Patterns start appearing galore,
As though rain and wind are artists.
And maybe they are-
For they... continue reading
The World Today
A wind in the cup,
Natural disasters galore.
Save Gaia please.
Despite black gold being the cause of all these phenomena,
The die is cast-
Wealth is deemed of a higher value than a harmonious Mother Earth.
Bio-diesel fuel was not conceived purely to amass wealth,
The reason behind it is very simp... continue reading
Money is the root of all evil,
So goes the saying-
And so truth speaks for itself,
People loot, kill and rape,
All for money.
Money can buy one many things,
Food, clothes and housing-
And many other things,
But there is one thing cannot buy-
Many rich peopleís children say money is ... continue reading
A Tribute
In the troubled waters of my mind,
When I was like a lost boat,
You came into my life,
Bringing direction and joy.
Calling you a lighthouse,
Would only diminish your print,
That you have made,
In my insignificant life.
Many moments we had,
Both happy and sad,
Many tears were sh... continue reading
My Mother and I
My mother controls my every moment,
Causing me unnecessary torment,
Making me trying to fathom,
Why she is trying to make my life a phantom.
All the unnecessary naggings and scoldings,
While I am trying to get my bearings.
The cost of nurture and a mother's nature,
Causes me always to fork out ex... continue reading
The Office
Be it strange that every office worker must be tame and docile,
To maintain their jobs and keep their salary,
Should one dare accuse-
The office hums like a machine?
As an entity for work that is-
But the human relations steeped within,
Is an organism in itself-
An office, boo!
Thi... continue reading
The United Nations
It is indeed strange that United Nations,
With help from America and England,
Have sustained this organization for so long.
When at university,
Lecturers waxed lyrical,
Of peacekeeping troops with limbs missing or long shot dead.
This strange word evoked to attack and to resi... continue reading
The Truth about Media
You want a happy poem?
That is not on the list today.
The mood is not here,
The setting is not right.
I will tell you a secret about the media,
I enjoy reading Cleo since I was young,
Wear all those nice clothes,
And envision myself as a celebrity.
The technique of celebrity endorsement,
And al... continue reading
Caution on Greed
Enough is enough,
We say this when annoyed.
Do we say the same of riches,
Or enough is not enough?
Put Greed and Content,
In a boxing ring,
And what would we get,
Pray tell?
Greed will box Content out flat most,
That's what.
If I put a table full of dishes,
You may become a glutton,
O... continue reading
There are some in this world who crave money,
And a minority who craves power,
Those who want money are simpler people,
Those who are power-hungry,
Are in actual fact-
Monsters in the making.
Once ascend the throne or seat,
The thinking is-
What can I do today to amuse myself?
And see what I can do?
I... continue reading
Human beings
Human beings are nice,
Human nature is complex and debatable,
But everyone has their flaws,
That is the human nature.
We fight,
We exploit each other,
We steal,
But we really like one another despite all our differences.
Humans desire not to be perfect,
There is no such thing as perfectionism,
... continue reading
Tick tock, tick tock.
Time is passing by-
Turn, turn-
The hands turn,
Time is passing by quickly.
That was the time when young.
Hours can be short,
But days can be long.
Hours can be long,
But days can be short.
I first realize this,
When Mid-Autumn... continue reading
20s and 30s Singaporean Chinese Males
When I see a face I dislike,
It matters not the intentions or the actions.
I just see an ugly face,
I would love to slap it!
I have the urge to tap fat girls on the head,
Shoot them with a rubber band,
Poke them and squeeze them,
For spoiling the beauty of my eyes.
Slim girls who are obedient ar... continue reading
My Grandmother
She is in pain again,
This woman with white hair,
With wrinkled and shaky hands,
Clutching onto her medicated oil.
I come to visit.
"Go home, go home,"she says,
"You have work to do.
"There's nothing wrong with me."
With this, she shuts her eyes,
Meanwhile, at times,
Peering at me,
... continue reading
There is a time when everybody experiences the void,
An empty feeling,
Which sinks in like dread.
There is a time when you are not alone but in fact alone,
Where silence-
Rings much deeper.
And so people start doing what they like to do,
To bring themselves happiness,
To fill up the dreaded void... continue reading
The Start of a New Day
It is broad daylight,
Yet I am feeling down.
The sunlight almost seems to mock me,
As I wake up.

My coffee tastes bitter,
Oh, it wasn't stirred.
A fit of absent-mindedness,
Thankfully not disastrous.

My eggs are watery,
With the yolk overflowing,
I don't like the white though,
And tear it away wi... continue reading
The search is never-ending,
Like a river,
Flowing on its course.
Sometimes one has sea life as friends,
Other times it is still,
Is it better to be part of the glorified Dead Sea,
Where you are at the lowest sea level,
But at the highest price?
Or be part of the sparkling blue-g... continue reading
A Tough Global Capitalist World
The world is not what it used to be,
In this global capitalist society,
Life is hard.
All prices shoot up,
The cost of living is high,
Yet wages remain the same.
A tough global love,
Integrated between governments,
Leading to crime in their societies.
In the past those who were rich,
G... continue reading
A dance is an ecstasy,
Movement with grace,
Swinging in daze.
Circling, circling,
Round and round,
It looks easy,
But each movement must be accurate,
Between techniques and spontaneity,
Not so easy to achieve.
Can you circle your way in a straight li... continue reading
Of Poverty and Riches
You see me in glamorous clothes,
And in a beautiful big house,
But do you know the story,
That lies within these walls?
I see only the riches,
You know not my wretchedness,
In cramped settings,
And scant money for a living.
My parents are virtuous, thist true,
But oft I have nobody to talk to,
... continue reading
The Spurned "Lover"
This woman is very strange,
She has big breasts,
Yet she is also quite capable,
Is she for real?
Women who are fat and with big breasts,
Are usually stupid, aren't they?
Women who are thin,
Are the ones capable, right?
She is quite kind, I think,
Maybe there is a chance,
I will just like to ge... continue reading
A Free World for All
It could be a free world for all,
In life's trials and toils,
Yet with a free world through,
Comes survival too.
A free-for-all situation,
Is not always that magnificent,
One often becomes weakened,
By the sheer competition.
Hopefully there can be some compassion,
Where people stop to listen,
... continue reading
On the morn' when I wake,
I see people moving,
People going,
Going to work,
Go, go, go!
Work keeps us healthy,
Work keeps us happy,
Work gives us a goal,
Go, go, go!
Wouldn't it be boring,
To be idle all the time?
It would be sad,
And empty,
Go, go, go!
One needs to engage,
In phy... continue reading
Pondering the Local Arts Scene
Pardon me, if I may vent,
I simply do not understand.
Why local artistes adored abroad,
Are scorned here like dogs.
Here, they fight dearly for the arts,
As though anybody cares,
In actual fact, they don't give a damn,
And meanwhile poor artistes here are well, poor.
Singaporeans are a peculiar ... continue reading
Media Competition

I hate you for your guts,
For putting up this website,
My readership affected,
My media sales plummeting.
This is an open market,
Fair competition rules,
No trickery involved,
Just hard work galore.
I will put up sexual content,
Find every freak in this world,
To up the coverage,
And maximi... continue reading
Some may ask why others indulge in sleep,
There is an option for an answer,
In dreams where sleepers drift away,
They can do anything and everything,
See no one.
Fear no one.
In dreams it may be exciting,
For adventures galore,
And control at the maximum,
With imaginations run wild,
The fantasies that... continue reading
Who's who in this world?
Is this really important,
In our short lives?
You may know the CEO or the director,
But all is lost,
With no real caliber of your own.
You may have all the connections,
Pull all the strings you may,
But all is lost if you are lost.
So what if you know who's who?... continue reading
Happy Times
It's chirpy,
All the birds are singing,
The humming birds are coming to the flowers,
The sun is hanging in the sky.
The telephone is ringing,
It's fun being invited for gatherings,
For an escapade of gallivanting,
A bit of fun once in a while.
Money is coming in,
Work is going well,
Not starvi... continue reading
Happy New Year
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
First star I see tonight.
The end of the year,
The time for new year resolutions,
And taking stock of the past year.
What have I done right?
What have I done wrong?
Have I fulfilled my wishes this year?
Stars are gas,
So will you still wish upon a star?
T... continue reading
Charity is mischievous,
A naughty little nymph,
Fleeting and mysterious.
"I want fun," she says.
Hmm... so you're bored and creating trouble.
Bad girl!
La la la la la.
She skips and dances,
In a whirl till she makes people dizzy.
"The world must have some mischief now and then,
Nothing... continue reading
The Perception of Life
Sometimes life is happy,
Sometimes life is sad,
Sometimes it is all black,
The struggle-
Between all emotions that can be experienced,
Is a struggle within oneself.
A never-ending surfacing and plunge.
Sometimes it's a choke-
Just under the bottleneck,
Before one can squeeze out,
... continue reading
Coffee, coffee, coffee coffee coffee...
At cafes, restaurants-­ it's everywhere,
It is the hype drink now,
The cool must-have at the moment.
You swallow it, swallow it-
Swallow, swallow, swallow,
Chug chug chug, chug chug chug.
Slipping, smoothly- down your throat.
Coffee makes us happy,
Co... continue reading
Growing Up
A child's beauty is the innate instinct,
To differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad,
Without any question or malicious thoughts polluting their minds.
Old is wise but set in mind,
Youth is like a white sheet of canvas,
Waiting for life's doors to answer to their knocks,
"Where will... continue reading
Sometimes... life
Sometimes, life deals you a heavy blow,
Sometimes life is kind,
But whatever it is, take heart,
For life has many spectrums of light.
The many colors that will come,
Is the spectrum of life,
Makes the bad easier to handle,
So take heart and be strong.
Life, life- this funny thing we all go throu... continue reading
The Green Eye of the Magical Family
Listen children to a story,
That was written long ago,
About a kingdom on a mountain,
And the valley folk below,
On the mountain was a treasure,
Buried deep beneath a stone,
And the valley folk swore,
They'd have it for their very own.
Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
Go ahead and cheat a friend,
... continue reading
Chapter 2- The Magical Baby and the Kitchen Girl
There were cheers. "We got the baby! We got the baby!"
The duck, chicken and pig spirits were dancing happily in a circle, anticipating the ransom due them. The duck was particularly happy. He was rich but he loved money and was a scrooge.
Inside, the baby was wailing. He was hungry.
"For go... continue reading
A Global Cold War, perhaps?
A lot of people have a lot to say about China's economy.
In general, there are three major competitive advantages that China has in its economy-
1) Low currency rate
2) Low labour cost
3) A huge consumer market
These three are the cornerstones that have helped built up China's economy.The first two has le... continue reading
The Magical Baby and the Kitchen Girl
There was once a very powerful magical baby. He is destined to rule the entire universe.
This baby was the child of a magical couple, who were really nice, on all counts. However, they had one flaw: ill-treating of their servants. The butler, in particular, was getting increasingly exasperated with this ill tr... continue reading
How to Subdue the Magical Family
Now, the magical family is in Singapore and everybody is tired of them by now. I am particularly irked by the magical family in Singapore distributing newspapers in Singapore to aid the Falungong.
They have been around, using magic for wealth, a bunch of egoists and thieves.
In order to defeat them, let's take a look... continue reading
The Mis-guided Terrorist
I got fired,
Am in house unemployed,
Looking for jobs,
Doors closed to my face.
I feel useless,
A good-for-nothing,
Religion calls,
My comfort and joy.
The uselessness in me,
Rears into religious fanatic,
By so-called religious leaders,
To rule the world.
I am... continue reading
The Urge
The urge seizes suddenly,
The finger starts moving rhythmically,Slowly, at first, but faster, then slowly again.Gasp!The ecstasy of it all liberates.From the mundane humdrum of life,This is like taking a pill.Addictive if not careful.Yet, just like anything else,It is fine if taken in moderation
 ... continue reading
Stupid Fools
When I think I can outsmart you,
I become crafty and greedy,
Delighted and big-headed,
Thinking that you be a stupid fool.
A lead-on dance,
In a merry-go round,
Full of laughter and my surprises,
Giving you much merriment for my merriment.
The world thist full of naive fools,
Ways to get my poc... continue reading
Lost Slumber
A sleepless soul on a Friday night.
It strikes midnight.
The clock chimes.
Saturday morning.
Most people slumber,
Nobody to call.
In the house,
Seemingly not alone, but alone,
Tossing and turning.
A restless soul,
A lonely heart.
Like a madman starts... continue reading
The Music Healer

Name         Carlo Ricafort aka 
Age           28 years
Nationality... continue reading
Life's Choices
At the top of the mountain,
My struggles finally realized,
Happiness should be the norm,
Yet it eludes me.
For struggle is exciting,
The process endearing,
Passions unbridled,
Energies unleashed.
Yet when all is realized-
An empty void.
Perhaps struggle is happi... continue reading
Of Creation and Invention
Lights pass, days cast,
Gray and green, then blue and white,
A lot of people ponder-
And wonder,
And ponder-
And wonder again.
The way of pondering,
Is the way of the world.
So we have astronauts, spacecraft and missiles.
At times, the world seems to have become too complicated,
A concrete jun... continue reading
The Price of Success or Failure?
People singing,
Such melodious voices,
The octaves rise and fall,
Like the threads being weaved through a loom.

Voices, voices in the air,
Controlled not only by the tongue,
The oesophagus,
But also by the lungs.

So many complications,
So much control,
A fatal crush to the body,
And these... continue reading
The Now Singapore
A puppet to be controlled,
In nice Singapore,
Under the Education System,
Be nice,
Be successful,
Be great,
And you will get a scholarship.
Always be sweet,
Aways be strong,
Always be clean,
Why not get robots,
For nice Sin... continue reading
Ego can land you in a lot of trouble,
And blind you to many things,
Cloud your visions,
Burst your dreams.
The eyes that are arrogant,
With a hint of disdain,
Is disliked by many,
Regardless of race.
Do not think you are sup... continue reading
The English Language
English is a powerful language,
Borrowed from many languages.
Perhaps that is why,
It is still relevant today.
A word has many meanings.
Ever wondered why?
To cancel out,
The effects of each.
Too many gypsies,
Too much witchcraft,
Too many hexes.
Strokes must be added or subtracted.
... continue reading
Colors are pretty,
Colors are cool,
Colors are what give the world its hues.
Life- indeed,
Would be very boring without these brilliant blobs,
Black and white - only.
No red to speak of passion,
No yellow of sun rays,
Just good and bad or gray.
Yet - sometimes, some wish,
Or perhaps ot... continue reading
Live Life!
When you regret,
You should feel heartened,
That you have dared,
To make mistakes.
When you cry,
You should feel glad,
That you let loose
And let yourself be weak.
When you suffer,
You should feel proud,
That you were brave,
To take a risk.
The world is of humans,
Not of robots.
An... continue reading
Direction of Equivocation
The sun rises from the East,
And sets in the West.
The West colonized East,
And now, East rises.
Russia is a European country in the East,
So too Australia and New Zealand,
And they are not really Westerners,
In the traditional capitalist function.
Muslims insurgents are always driven to the Sou... continue reading
On a Rainy Day
It is raining now,
Pitter patter upon the windows,
Sleep - like a goddess come upon creeping,
A welcome relief from the busy life,
Saving one from exhaustion.
Dreams come,
In a myriad of soft colors,
Upon the unconscious mind,
The soft sleep,
On the comfortable linen,
An... continue reading
The News Looks Surreal
It is blowing sand in China,
Icebergs are melting at the poles,
The Earth just had tsunamis,
And earthquakes to boot.
There are child soldiers,
People are starving,
There is war,
There is unrest.
Blink, blink. 
The news looks surreal.
It is another world,
Not our world.
Sitting... continue reading
The Ball
The ball was bouncing on the floor,
But suddenly it fell down flat,
It lay down on the floor,
Like a dead rat.
To be like the ball,
With no rest,
Where all its surfaces are curved,
For better or for worse.
It goes into goals,
Winning championships,
Yet once the game is over,
It lays dusty in ... continue reading
God's Word
For Man think that they believe,
Not knowing what they do believe,
An empty talk, meetings lots,
Prayers in crisis,
When not, silence-
An unspiritual world,
Where politics take helm,
And especially business,
Where everything is pragmatic and real.
Man seeks salvation,
Mostly for himself,
Not for the ... continue reading
Inside a Terrorist's Mind
Hatred burns in my soul.
Oppression rampant.
People starving,
People dying.

I appeal.
No hope.
I pray,
And hear voices.

I am to rid the world of all oppression,
To provide the good life.
Preach to all,
Eternal heaven.

This must be achieved at a cost,
Be they human lives,
It is after all,... continue reading
Airies Like Aries
It is a song full of fury with control, written using computer software by Walt Rebeiro. I like the title Airies because it reminds me of the horoscope "Aries", brimming with fire and strength.The music is a whole chant of staccatos linked together. The short, abrupt notes weaved together in one harmo... continue reading
America and China: Let's Win Together
Peg the yuan? Still? This is a question weighing on many Americans' minds.
Besides the obvious case of the ballooning trade deficit, there are many reasons pertaining to this sticking point. China is after all, leader of the Developing Nations Alliance. A possible conspiracy theory is China utilizing its low-v... continue reading
The Magical Family in Education
And so, the magical family settled down in Singapore. They are all smart people, you must remember. It wasn't very long before they established themselves in various cornerstones of society. One of them is education. Moreover, don't forget all the various fund-raising in schools for certain unorthodox causes in China i... continue reading
My Take on Money
"No one can survive on a diet of hope". This is one slogan that I see in the bus stops of Singapore.
Of course, there are some who reminisce about kampong days. Yes, the family is poor, but surviving in a small space, sharing scant food helped to foster family relationships. These are some stories shared by th... continue reading
Introducing the Magical Family from China
There was, and still is, a magical family from China. Now, this group of family consists of many surnames, but the three known are - Tay, Chen and Wong. These are the three that are the most known in society, and the least dangerous.
This family had been slowly built for centuries in China. The inter-marriages... continue reading
A Little Girl and a Rose
There was once a little girl who was the daughter of a magical couple. She was the epitome of sunshine. Whenever she laughed, it was like silver bells jingling.
However, this little girl was not the model girl. She was rather active and didn't really enjoy sitting inside her house. Instead, she adored going ou... continue reading
Ten Things People Do to Keep Up Appearances
1.      They keep on talking on the telephone when you are in their office.
2.      They say that they have many appointments and meetings so you have to book a slot in advance to meet them.
3.      They offer to pay (usually d... continue reading
The Seventh Sister

There are seven sisters borne by a magical couple. Each of them has a hidden skill to guard part of the universe.
The day came when the seventh sister was born. Her birth was celebrated with much aplomb and fanfare. Her mother smiled as she cradled the baby girl in her arms.
At the ceremony, th... continue reading
Capitalism- For Better or for Worse?
I see my relatives everyday,
Working day in and day out,
All for that thing called money.
To the extent of health problems,
With some turning to smoking and drinking,
All to pay that mortgage.
And I think back to brotherhood,
Where blood is shed,
Comrade apparent,
Yet murder, with the blood,
E... continue reading
Is this what life is?
Is this what life is?
I look up and wonder,
As I look at the sky,
My existence is so insignificant,
In this world that I cry.
So many strive to find something,
Be it career, love or money,
What I seek to find is:
ďWhat is me?Ē
I somehow seem lost in time a... continue reading
In the shoes of terrorists
When people think of terrorists, they think of mad, violent people. Letís put ourselves in the terrorists' shoes. Would you spend so much money on resources, to the extent of even risking your own life, to bomb without provocation? There must be a reason why they do what they do.
Imagine if you are under oppre... continue reading
Breathe Life into Art
A lot of people think that the arts are abstract, something difficult to comprehend. In general, there are (in my perspective), two group of artists. The first seeks to be understood. The second donít.

It may be much to your puzzlement as to why the second group behaves the way they do. The reason is very simple. Th... continue reading
The Adult World
When I was a little girl, friends were friends. That was that.

But, school was over
again (like I said before) and social circles came into play. There
were such things as networks, colleagues and the terms "acquaintances"
also came into play.

Apparently, if you believe America,
you have to have a differen... continue reading
At the end of the day ... about friends
The word "friend" often conjours up images of friendliness,warmth and bonds.
Yet, I have a theory- the essential need from friendship comes from one's own need to fill up one's hole of loneliness and is also motivated by self-interest.
Just think about it. What do you want friends for? Somebody to talk to, to whine t... continue reading
Back in 1990s- The Education System
A crack at the Singapore Education system back in the 1990s.
One day, the king sat down and thought hard about a possible business venture. He had just received a recipe from his parents for frying eggs . A recipe for royalty. A recipe for the perfect egg.
"I will pass down this recipe and share it with all," announc... continue reading
Having children. Yes or no?
Perhaps I am not qualified to write this article. After all, I'm a
single 23 year old girl who has never even gone steady with a good man
I am often sceptical about having children. For one thing, the
childbirth must be painful. For another, I imagine their teenage years
when they will be wilful and rebell... continue reading
The United States of America's foreign policy-the objective truth
Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden It is a fact that both these men were former CIA agents. I do not think that anybody can dispute that. Let us talk about Saddam Hussein first. His government was supported by the then American government to overthrow the Kurds, no doubt about that. Yet it is a fact that Saddam Hussein... continue reading
My own sense of being an Asian
The auditorium was buzzing with excitement. Students, thronged in costumes and in everyday clothes, were all over the place. The splash of colours was very gratifying - very resonant of the Asian culture.Yes, it was THE DAY. All students would be graded on their project work for their Bahasa Indonesia module today. I h... continue reading
Froggy's first trip to the grocer's
There was once a frog named Froggy. This frog loved her family a lot. There came a time when her parents were old and they needed her to earn a living.Side-note- And in case you're wondering, this is a family set in a small town.Froggy had to go out to earn money. She also had to buy food for her family. Now, there was... continue reading
The Truth about Network Marketing
Following the legalization of network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing in Singapore, it has become a force to be reckoned with. This article may seem to be a bit of a bitching session about this phenomenon, but more often than not, the facts are pointed out from an insider's point of view.For the uninitia... continue reading
Denouncing Online and Phone Dating
I hate both. Frankly, they suck big time. They are nice for the thrills and spills, but that's about it.Imagine if you really do have a virtual boyfriend/girlfriend. He/she is someone nice to have around. Yet, they are what the word "virtual" means. Imaginary. Often, the impression that they give you can be constructed... continue reading
Of feminism and blurring of the sexes (from a woman's perspective)
Of feminism and blurring of the sexes (from a woman's perspective)In the midst of our change,We no longer complement one another,No longer intertwined,Breaking the delicate balance of nature.I ask myself- Why did this happen?There is no single answer.A twisty problem,Not easily solved.Has nature been sacrificed for pro... continue reading
Terrorism Explained
`The word terrorism is now seen and heard everywhere. The media is propagating this word everywhere. Before the 911 incident, terrorism was already rampant. India and Pakistan were fighting over Kashmir. Israel and Palestinians have always been fighting with regards to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Yet, suddenly af... continue reading
Human rights
I believe that human rights have to be in the context of a country's economic status and communitarian values.For any country, human rights develop over a very long period of time. It took the French Revolution before Europe became, to some extent, more democratized. Everything takes time. An individual's human rights ... continue reading
My parents and my money
Man is greedy. I belong to this species as well, so I am no exception. I used to have pocket money of S$30 per week. I had this amount since I was a little girl. Yet, when I reached the level of university, my mother still did not raise the amount. I did not grumble. I hated confrontation, so I made do with whatever I ... continue reading
Bringing Home the Travelling Experience
Travelling is more than just visiting scenic and tourist spots. It's part of it but doesn't encompass all of it. You see, when you just visit these areas, you only know the landmarks of the city. I'm not denouncing supreme architecture like the pyramids in Egypt, but at the end of the whole travel experience, what do y... continue reading
Creativity? Not so easy.
The aim of being a professional is to be excellent by distinguishing yourself from the field. In order to do that, one must learn the techniques, bounded rules and customs in the trade. A runner has to learn to listen to the shot that marks the start of the race and the quickest time to respond. This lies in his/her st... continue reading
Rationalizing Death
There was one time when I was still in my teens. A recurring thought that had been haunting me for a long time shaped in my mind. It was a very frightening thought-What if one day I cease to exist?When I don't talk, eat, move or breathe?When I am no longer in this world?When there is no me?
At that time when I thought... continue reading
Don't Let Disillusionment Get You Down
VERSE: When I was a little girl, the sun was always bright. When I was a little girl, the sky was always blue. When I was a little girl, I saw rainbows, rainbows.. CHORUS: I always thought that life was fair, I always was an idealist, I always was a dreamer, But now I realized, realized, All was fa... continue reading
Loneliness might not be such a bad thing after all
To my first instinct, loneliness sucks big time. It is an empty feeling that grips me when I feel all alone in the world. In fact, I wrote this statement upon pondering over my past "relationships"-
Loneliness grasps me, and I wonder-Should I search for partnership?A potential mistake, which every woman commits,Exchan... continue reading
Men's Vocabulary: A Guide for Women
I remembered going for my first date. Not my first real date, but a date whereby the man had sexual interest in me. Incidentally, I didn't realize this at the time; he gave mixed signals, which he clarified for me afterwards. As I went along with him on my next couple of dates, I realized something - having a conversat... continue reading
Why Kerry didn't win?
Much to your disbelief, but I did do it. I predicted an approximately 50-50 votes for both Kerry and Bush. Of course, opinion polls showed the statistics.The rationale behind it is very simple: In tracking the pattern of U.S. elections, in times of war, the electorate usually prefers not to change the president. 50 for... continue reading

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