There are seven sisters borne by a magical couple. Each of them has a hidden skill to guard part of the universe.


The day came when the seventh sister was born. Her birth was celebrated with much aplomb and fanfare. Her mother smiled as she cradled the baby girl in her arms.


At the ceremony, the wise man said,


"Listen, you are Heart. You are the sister that guards kindness and goodwill towards others."


And so the seventh sister grew up, walked upon her feet and lived in harmony with the rest of her family.


There was a person from the dark side who didn't like all this harmony and goodwill.


"Haha, I shall destroy all this!" he vowed.


So he kidnapped the seventh sister. Her mother tried to save her, but was killed in the process. That person then weaved a spell upon her. From that day onwards, the seventh sister's heart closed.


And from that day onwards, the universe was not in the total harmony that it should be.


It will be, one day, when the seventh sister opens her heart again.