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 article about Reliance

It's the end of a stressful day,

And one's body is calling for help.

What to do?



One's skin is coming out in blotches,

People say you are ugly.

What to do?



I need chocolate,

I need milk,

I need coffee,

I need soup.


It's all a quick-fix situation,

In this fast fast world,

Instant remedy,

Instant gratification.


Speed is everything,

Results must show,

That's what people want,

In this urban city.



Once you stop all these products you need-

One's body will be worse off,

Than when you first started taking them.


No more money for massage?

Your body will cry for it.

No more money for facial?

Your skin will be covered in more blotches.


Can money buy health?

Happy yet sad to say-


Slow and steady wins the race.



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