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The Olympic Torch

 article about The Olympic Torch

Before the Olympics has even taken place,

The Olympic torch is fraught with fire.

Relations are ice-cold.


China in actual fact has been amply warned,

Media reports galore highlight the unfair ballooning trade imbalance,

But China chose to play dumb.


The Olympic touch is to a certain extent a symbol of world peace,

Now disarray and discontent expressed lots,

And fire sizzles rages within the Olympic flame.


And it is to be supposed so,

With empty stomachs and empty wallets,

After all, a hungry man is an angry man.


One must understand the Westerner's mentality,

An American thinks if he can sell a can of coca-cola and each priced at $1,

With China's huge consumer market will make him a billionaire.


But it was not to be,

With competition for oil,

And now even food- patience is wearing thin.


And the rich in China makes no meat of human rights,

Despite many warnings from the West,

And choose to hoard money- irritating the West greatly.


Yet, perhaps the West don't know this.

You know not how many a Chinese was awfully glad,

When the Olympics games were to be held in China finally.


We Chinese are not just sly and cunning,

As portrayed in many a Hollywood movie,

But are in actual fact are accepted members of the international community.


And to be fair, Chinese has put their sovereign funds,

Invested heavily in America,

But still discontent lots.


One thing China must remember,

One thing that a white male has,

Is red pride- lots of it.


Meanwhile the Olympic dream is gone,

As riots and fights are breaking out,

And China looks bad.

And it is the bad guy- yet again.

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