Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden

It is a fact that both these men were former CIA agents. I do not think that anybody can dispute that.

Let us talk about Saddam Hussein first. His government was supported by the then American government to overthrow the Kurds, no doubt about that. Yet it is a fact that Saddam Hussein has committed many atrocities. He actually used gas on the Kurds to annihilate them. Maybe the Americans placed their bet on the wrong horse, but what's done is done.

Now, Osama Bin Laden. He was trained in Afghanistan. I really do not know what transpired between the Americans and  Osama. However, I would like to say that two wrongs don't make a right. When one kills and the other reacts, it's an action-reaction downward spiral of violence, which breeds hatred, which in turn leads to more violence. When will it ever end?

Of course, matters between these two men are not so simple. Saddam Hussein is intricately linked to America's energy policy and Iraq while Osama Bin Laden is linked to Afghanistan Let us now take a look at these three topics.


The truth is, the Afghans were trained by the Americans to fight the Soviets during the Cold War. They were then abandoned and left impoverished and poor. By now, it is no longer a secret. Yet it is a fact that the Americans are now reconstructing Afghanistan. Elections have been held there as well. Houses are now being built. And all this in the midst of the American soldiers fearing being shot everyday.


It is a fact that no biological weapons were found there. Yet it is also a fact that Saddam Hussein has committed atrocities. It is a fact that the Americans are fully committed to rebuilding Iraq, even staking their economy on it, resulting in a massive fiscal deficit, perhaps one of the biggest deficits in American history. It is also a fact that many American soldiers are paying for the rebuilding of Iraq with their very lives.

Energy policy

Let's face it. America needs a lot of energy to drive its economy. It is a very acute vulnerability that it faces.The fact that China was clamoring for a slice of oil in the world following its economic expansion was very worrying for the United States of America. Following that was China's close alliance with Russia which, as we know, has lots of energy resources. In addition, Saddam Hussein was controlling the flow and prices of oil at his own whim. Would you feel threatened under such conditions? I would.

Championing human rights and democracy

The Americans have been accused of being hypocritical when it comes to this aspect of their foreign policy. They have sold arms to the Middle East and supported autocratic regimes in that part of the world. Yet all this is linked to its vulnerable energy policy. When someone has a hold over you, do you have a chance to open your mouth? The Americans didn't.

End-note and some suggestions

And this is the truth. Every word that I typed is true. I do not believe that anybody can dispute that.

May I now suggest that the United States of America starts developing nuclear energy for its own use? There will be leaks. However, I suppose that nuclear leaks are no more potent an evil  than  terrorist attacks.

The world is also now increasingly tired of this talk about democracy. You see  for example in Iraq, when there are citizens with weapons and people hungry, one does not talk about rights. One talks about order and stability first. It is with these foundations that civilization starts taking place and then the talk about rights begin.

It would also not be possible to eradicate drugs in Afghanistan in the short-term and the Afghans need to make a living. May I suggest  the Americans and the European Union legaliZe a route to the Netherlands and also ask the country what sort of drugs cater to their citizens' taste? After all, some drugs are legal in The Netherlands. No harm.

And that is all.