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The News Looks Surreal

 article about The News Looks Surreal

It is blowing sand in China,

Icebergs are melting at the poles,

The Earth just had tsunamis,

And earthquakes to boot.


There are child soldiers,

People are starving,

There is war,

There is unrest.


Blink, blink. 

The news looks surreal.

It is another world,

Not our world.


Sitting in the office chairs,

With the cool air-conditioners,

Busy making a living,

It is not our world.


None is of concern,

They are they-

We are we-

How many can we help?


We can help one,

But another will emerge,

And another, and another,

What about ourselves?


Blink, blink.

The TV screens go blur,

The news looks surreal,

Very surreal.

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