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 article about Power

There are some in this world who crave money,

And a minority who craves power,

Those who want money are simpler people,

Those who are power-hungry,

Are in actual fact-

Monsters in the making.


Once ascend the throne or seat,

The thinking is-

What can I do today to amuse myself?

And see what I can do?

It would be enjoyable,

For a laugh.


Ha ha, power is a game,

People are only digits,

I am supreme,

I will do good for the big picture,

I will think for the people.

But must balance with businesses.


The people?

They are not very important.

Businesses drive the economy,

Workers are tools of businesses,

What can I do today?

I love being in control.


After years of receiving orders,

I am eager to prove myself,

And roar,

And of course,

A bit of money if can roll into my pockets-

Why not?


Life looks good,

The future looks rosy-

For myself,

If people suffer,

It is the micro suffering for the macro-

I already did the best I can.


I really enjoy sitting on this throne,

And tasting my new found power,

Hear me speak,

Hear me roar,

And I hiss-

Don't you dare to cross me!



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