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A Bastard Chinese Man's Voice

 article about A Bastard Chinese Mans Voice

I really have no time to get to know people, you know,

I am busy,

Time is money,

I just see your face for a few minutes,

Make a judgment,

And that's it-

Ta ta.


When I see fat, ugly women,

I just want to laugh.

I see them walking through the door-

And their bodies occupying most of the space-


Ha ha!

It looks bad.


And so goes this Chinese man,

A man who wants fortune, face and many pretty slender wives.

Where one such Chinese man ego can fill up the whole of China,

Where devotion is not key and primary,

And face is of utmost importance,

For all to see.

I am successful, as you can tell.


And for many Western men,

Who do have their own flaws,

Somehow in Christianity and Catholicism,

A soul-mate and just one partner is the mantra,

With great emphasis and morality,

Where not just a woman's physique and appearance is important,

But of her inner beauty to the extent of her soul.


A woman belongs in the house,

There are many Chinese men throughout history,

When loving their beloved wives-

Often their favorites,

For fear of adultery and lack of trust,

Feed them opium to make them docile,

Such was the fate of Chinese women in long ago China.


Sloping shoulders,

Binded feet,

Petite frame.


Education, but only for show,

To be married to a wealthy man,

That was the only goal.


Many monasteries in China,

And strangely even the world,

Perceives women as the evil one,

Dirty and unclean,

Religious places, those grand ones,

You are not allowed to enter,

Men are supreme.


Even celebrated women writers have criticized,

And attacked their own gender,

Put many women in a room,

Like America's Next Top Model show,

And the cats' claws will start to show,

With jealousy green and envy galore.

Never which will happen for men together as a group.


Men work to be the breadwinners,

Dote on their wives with many lavish gifts a-plenty,

She takes care of the household and children,

She deserves beautiful things,

Pretty things go with pretty girls,

I love her and must provide for her,

She is mine.


Yet, flip the newspapers,

And passion crimes and cheats are afoot,

The divorce scheme and alimony concept,

Imported direct from Western laws,

Are scorned by Asian divorcees,

And they don't pay up,

Unlike most Western counterparts who do.


An intelligent woman is a sore in the eye,

A thorn in a flesh,

It is not good for a woman to be far too educated,

It will bring more harm than good,

Trust me-

I say it for your good,



And so the patriarchy goes,

Even in sunny Singapore,

Where for many Asian women,

They will always be the sun set,

And men the sun rise,

But with only a few exceptions.

Those lucky few.


I want money, a car and a career too,

And I say it once again,

A Chinese woman far too educated,

Will never go anywhere,

Trust me, I know.

I am saying it for your good.

That's it.

Good day to you.




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