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Inside a Computer Game Addict's Mind

 article about Inside a Computer Game Addicts Mind

It's just numb-

The computer game and I are numb.

Mum is asking,

And I am playing computer games yet again.


I know this game very well Mum,

I don't need to think,

It's just a common reflex,

My fingers and the buttons.


The score is getting higher and higher,

The numbers are increasing rapidly,

I feel a sense of accomplishment Mum,

As I go up to the next level and the next and the next…


It's never-ending,

That's why it's addictive,

A deep sense of curiosity and determination,

To see whether I can get to the very end,

Otherwise leaving me in suspense.


I don't need to think why I can't do well in school,

Or if I do, I heck care anyway,

I am in control.

The game belongs to me.


The game…




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