There was once a frog named Froggy. This frog loved her family a lot. There came a time when her parents were old and they needed her to earn a living.

Side-note- And in case you're wondering, this is a family set in a small town.

Froggy had to go out to earn money. She also had to buy food for her family. Now, there was only a grocery store nearby, and remember, now her family no longer catches flies. Therefore, she went with a list from her mother to buy the groceries.

On greeting the grocer, Froggy was very polite.

"Good day, Sir. I came to buy groceries for my family. How much is this loaf of bread?" she asked.

"$2, Miss," the grocer replied.

"I think you may have quoted me the wrong price, Sir. My mother said the price is $1," she remarked with a puzzled frown.

On hearing out the grocer, she understood from him that the prices have been adjusted subjected to inflation. Therefore, without question, she bought the loaf of bread.

On returning home, she got an earful from her mother.

'Don't you know your maths? Even if the price of bread rose because of inflation, it wouldn't be this expensive!" her angry mother cried.

Froggy pacified her mother by saying that she had enough money and it was alright, the grocer simply needed to make a living.

The next week, she went to the grocer again, and this time he said the loaf of bread cost $2.50. On enquiring why, the grocer said that since she was so rich, she could afford to pay more. Thus, he has decided to charge higher for the loaf of bread. In fact, he even said that all previous loaves of bread consumed should be backtracked to this price of $2.50.

Froggy stood at the shop, stunned. This was a big problem. Her whole family was dependent on bread for food. What was she to do?

-To Be Continued-