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A puppet to be controlled,

In nice Singapore,

Under the Education System,



Be nice,

Be successful,

Be great,

And you will get a scholarship.


Always be sweet,

Aways be strong,

Always be clean,



Why not get robots,

For nice Singapore instead,

Mr Lee?

They are nice, clean- perfect.


Money can solve everything,

Creativity is money,

Entrepreneurship is money,



"You want funĦħ, says Mr Lee,

"Have good, clean fun.

Be nice.Ħħ



The population is running low,

Fear of graying population,

We will give money for borne of babies,

Lifeless for life.


No unlawful assembly,

That stupid Entertainment Act,

Internal Security,



No indecent exposure,

No eating in public transport,

No pornography,

And now no smoking.


A lot of propaganda,

On Mediacorp television screens,

Of kind and strong individuals,



We are nice and perfect,

We are clean and beautiful,

We are chaste and pure,


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