A lot of people think that the arts are abstract, something difficult to comprehend. In general, there are (in my perspective), two group of artists. The first seeks to be understood. The second don't.

It may be much to your puzzlement as to why the second group behaves the way they do. The reason is very simple. These artists delight in confusing the audience. They think they are superior. They learn the format of a particular art and adhere to it, adding to, what is in their mind, vibrant and classical forms of "art.

It's like writing. It's like a snobbish highly-educated academic making his book a tough read by putting in all the jargon he knows. Those in the academic circle know and those not in, don't.

Theatre ...dance ...grace, beauty--loved by many who like movement but often not known to all. These two forms of art are the ones most difficult to see the deeper nuances buried deep within. To be fair to the second group of artists, some are not like the snobbish academic, but souls with a deep passion for their art. They learn the craft, are steeped in it, and often don't see why others don't love it as much as they themselves do.

I was in the arts myself, too. To me, if less than twenty percent in the audience know what the performance is about, I won't call it art. I'll call it a hidden valve, something the artist can jolly well do at home or keep inside the drawer. Art. Writing. Any and every single thing on paper or on stage should be a form of communication. Communication is key and important not only to oneself, but to the community as a whole. What's the point of drawing a beautiful piece of art if nobody understands? It is as though the artist is living in his or her own vacuum, shut off from the outside world.

The greatest forms of arts are those who have made people laugh, people cry, stirring in the audience the strings of their emotions and making them tingle. They understand the art because it is their lives they see inside. And they laugh at themselves. Cry with sadness. Maybe shaken into realizing that art is their own life.

What is the meaning of niche? To make yourself feel superior? In your own eyes, that is. An egoistic artist living in his own world. "Those people. They are stupid people, low crass who don't appreciate my talent.

Art connects. And should always be the case. Art is not merely about torment. It is simply the life experience that embodies the art form. A very beautiful lithe girl can dance across the stage, but the audience can see she is merely moving. She herself doesn't understand the dance. And that is that.

The discerning audience can connect with artists who don't merely just learn the format and movements of the art forms. That is only the body. It is the life experience that breathes in life into the art form.

And the art will be alive once it receives that breath.