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The Real World with Real People

 article about The Real World with Real People

There are some who say there are others not in the real world,

But what is the real world, pray tell?

It is people who envision and create whatever world we are in.


People cheat,

People steal,

And many people plot.


But isn't it tiring to always be on guard?

After a while, won't one become tired,

From the adrenaline released?


I will tell you a secret-

Once encounter many unpleasant happenings plotted by people in the real world,

Just take a preventive stance.


Then, just be nice,

And go about in your own way,

And it would help if you really mean it too.


There will always be all these stupid people,

Who want something out of you,

Take it with a pinch of salt.


A real world, which many "people" repeatedly say,

Need not be so real,

If there weren't "people" on this Earth like you "people" to begin with.


If you can call yourself people with your conscience, that is.

Meanwhile, while you are in your "real" world,

I will stay immersed in mine, thank you.

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