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Stupid Fools

 article about Stupid Fools

When I think I can outsmart you,

I become crafty and greedy,

Delighted and big-headed,

Thinking that you be a stupid fool.


A lead-on dance,

In a merry-go round,

Full of laughter and my surprises,

Giving you much merriment for my merriment.


The world thist full of naive fools,

Ways to get my pocket money,

And entertainment too,

Ha ha!


When I see a crooked person,

Attraction is the common thread,

I am intrigued by his cleverness,

And would delight we be friends together.


The world thist full of stupid fools,

Only numbers in my eyes,

Another digit, another number,

Ha ha!


When once I am cornered,

I morph into a coward,

Begging for mercy,

And desperately showing my claws.


Thist the world full of stupid fools,

And I am too,

We are all stupid fools,

In this life together.

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