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How to Subdue the Magical Family

 article about How to Subdue the Magical Family

Now, the magical family is in Singapore and everybody is tired of them by now. I am particularly irked by the magical family in Singapore distributing newspapers in Singapore to aid the Falungong.

They have been around, using magic for wealth, a bunch of egoists and thieves.

In order to defeat them, let's take a look at their skills. The main technique in their magic is the mastery of the five elements and control of the "chi".

For "chi", it is impossible to master all. Find people with the "chi" that will disrupt their entire mastery of their "chi". Their skills will then become mostly obsolete. This ie because the "chi" of all are linked.

In addition, their weapons are silver and the crescent moon. In the five elements, all the metals are linked in a circle. Work out the five elements and you will get the answer.

-to be continued-

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