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 article about Sleep

Some may ask why others indulge in sleep,

There is an option for an answer,

In dreams where sleepers drift away,

They can do anything and everything,

See no one.

Fear no one.


In dreams it may be exciting,

For adventures galore,

And control at the maximum,

With imaginations run wild,

The fantasies that can be acted out,

Beyond one's wildest impetus.


In sleep, nobody controls you,

In sleep, one can relax,

When the sandman bids a greeting to you,

One succumb,

For there is no disturbance.

Just- absolute peace.


We sleep before we were born,

Our mothers' wombs were our first cradles,

Thus it is natural and a need.

Forbid it and there is lapse of energy.

Part of us,

Part of life.


So all sleepers sleep away,

Every one third of the day,

Sleep is said to benefit health,

So may it rejuvenate our brains,

Nay excessive sleep may apt ruin our health,

Sleep away, sleep away.



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