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 article about Dance

A dance is an ecstasy,

Movement with grace,

Swinging in daze.


Circling, circling,

Round and round,



It looks easy,

But each movement must be accurate,




Between techniques and spontaneity,

Not so easy to achieve.


Can you circle your way in a straight line?

I cannot,

But am trying.


Too technical,

Too mechanical,

And you look stiff and robotic.


Too spontaneous,

And one looks messy,

Without the discipline.


Balance between the two,

While maintaining one's balance as well.



Circling, circling,

Round and round.

Forgetting everything save the dance.


Enrupted in one's own world though,

Is a fatal mistake,

A lone dance.



One must always smile,

That is the basic technique.


A dancer dancing in a vacuum,

Will just be sucked up into a vacuum,

Dangerous, like Tinklebell in her bottle.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?


Laugh and smile,

And the world will dance with you,

Sulk, and others will sulk back.


A mirror image,

You know what a mirror is?



Positive attracts positive,

Negative attracts negative.

The inner energy.


Positive multiply by positive is still positive.

Negative multiply by negative is also positive.

Positive multiply by negative is negative.


So who says music and mathematics don't go together?

Look at Irene at Malory Towers in Enid Blyton books.

She excels at both.


Round and round we go,

In a merry-go-round,

Save the last dance.

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