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 article about Coffee

Coffee, coffee, coffee coffee coffee...

At cafes, restaurants-­ it's everywhere,

It is the hype drink now,

The cool must-have at the moment.


You swallow it, swallow it-

Swallow, swallow, swallow,

Chug chug chug, chug chug chug.

Slipping, smoothly- down your throat.


Coffee makes us happy,

Coffee keeps us wired,

Coffee lets us do the things,

We never done before.


Coffee was discovered by a goat,

Ba ba ba, Ba ba ba,

Yes, it's us,

We goats like coffee too.


The number one commodity on the market,

A cash crop for farmers,

It is the star now raking in bucks,

And so we have Starbucks.


Coffee, coffee, coffee coffee coffee...

Let it take you to wonderland,

Where you have never been,

Just a sip- that's it.



Let's say it, ya!

Let's say it, woo!

We love coffee!

Bring more coffee!


When we drink coffee,

And it activates our minds,

Our minds whiz fast-

Fast, fast!


Say it!

Demand it!

We love coffee!

Bring more coffee!



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