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Anything is Dangerous

 article about Anything is Dangerous

This is dangerous,

This is safe,

Don't do this,

Do that.


Fasten a seat-belt,

Eat slowly,

Be prudent.


It is a tad amusing, is it not?

For is it not a fact that in fact,

Anything is dangerous?


One can be studying diligently at school in China,

And the building topples.

This is dangerous.


One can be eating a slice of fish,

Then choke on the bone.

This is dangerous.


One can be a prudent person following traffic laws,

But suddenly-

A car accident.


There is in actual fact nothing completely safe,

And nothing completely dangerous.

Is that not so?


Of course such behavior and reasoning can be seen as the start of criminal tendency,

Impulsive behavior-



But be it strange that different laws exist in different lands,

And in addition to laws are norms,

Where at times breaking a norm can be more dangerous than breaking a law.


So if one snores in the library and puts on gaudy clothing,

She is wrong?

And poisoning and murder are right, pretty teacher?


Norms are funny-

If one nay follows norms in society,

Well, you are not normal.


If one is fat,

You are not breaking the law in Singapore,

But that is a turn-off- breaking of norm.


If a lady wears a short skirt-

It is a norm if she has slender legs,

But the breaking of norms if she has fat legs.


Strangely, the locals of each land, as what is observed,

Takes norms more seriously than laws,

Norms can overrule laws.


Take traffic laws,

It is illegal to jay-walk,

But the norm gives that a nod and that is accepted.


If a woman gets raped,

The parents advise not to make a police report,

That is the norm.


If there is any form of child abuse,

One mustn't report,

That is the norm.


So now besides laws,

There are norms,

And norms rule, not laws, as it is clear to all.


So, as can be perceived,

Anything is dangerous.

And people are empowered to break laws to enforce norms.

This is the norm.
















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