Name         Carlo Ricafort aka 



Age           28 years


Nationality  American


Race          Filipino-American


Quote        It's the passion for

                music and the drive

                to inspire others

                that really matter

                in the end.



The Music Healer


His music heals. Serious. Carlo Ricafort, a pop/R&B/club singer popularly known as J-RICZ, was crowned 2007 "Most Promising Male Singer of the Year" at the Gawad Parangal Awards Night in Sacremento, C.A. His EP album, on My Space Music, showcases his voice with an astoundingly wide range, imbued with a falsetto that is solid at high octaves. The voice crooning tales of love breathes of boyish tones with a husky hue. His smooth delivery of rap with above average enunciation does not jar on the ears, which only a seasoned singer can achieve. There is a trap that this singer-songwriter-producer falls into though. Mainstream music consist at most three keys for easy memory. All J-RICZ's songs are purposely tweaked "flat" to cater to this phenomenon but only has a result of understating his talent. Moreover, J-RICZ misses total control over his voice just by that little bit. Nevertheless, his music is akin to the scent of lavender, soothing your nerves. Look forward to his debut CD titled Genesis in early 2008.




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