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The United Nations

 article about The United Nations


It is indeed strange that United Nations,

With help from America and England,

Have sustained this organization for so long.


When at university,

Lecturers waxed lyrical,

Of peacekeeping troops with limbs missing or long shot dead.



This strange word evoked to attack and to resist aid-

Even when the country's own peoples suffer under the government.


So then this United Nations so detest,

Is of some use after all when push comes to shove,

When a calamity arrives.


Then just take the aid,

And then ta-ta,

You are helpful indeed.


Since countries complain much of an informal imperialism,

Then you just go ahead and earn your own living,

No one is stopping you.


Indeed no country every stops another,

From making their own way in this world,

This is for sure.




State-sponsored terrorism.


It will all never end,

But for the United Nations personnel who work relentlessly.

Thank you.

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