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Pondering the Local Arts Scene

 article about Pondering the Local Arts Scene

Pardon me, if I may vent,

I simply do not understand.

Why local artistes adored abroad,

Are scorned here like dogs.


Here, they fight dearly for the arts,

As though anybody cares,

In actual fact, they don't give a damn,

And meanwhile poor artistes here are well, poor.


Singaporeans are a peculiar lot,

They do not care about local culture.

When the crunch comes,

Your dollar goes to foreigners for shows.


Kit Chan has to go to Taiwan,

Stephanie Sun and Pastor Sun too,

Widely acclaimed they be there,

Before they can come back and be revered here.


The greatest artistes from local shores,

And many creative sparks galore,

Are making big bucks abroad but not in Singapore,

And wondering why that is so.


Some have ventured back,

And so now we have Anita Sarawak,

As well as Adrian Pang,

Taking a pay cut and earning peanuts.


Dearly would I love to interview them,

How they feel,




Here is where they were born,

Fight for the arts I'm sure they will,

So please support them before-


They venture overseas yet again.


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