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The Mis-guided Terrorist

 article about The Mis-guided Terrorist

I got fired,

Am in house unemployed,

Looking for jobs,

Doors closed to my face.



I feel useless,

A good-for-nothing,

Religion calls,

My comfort and joy.



The uselessness in me,

Rears into religious fanatic,

By so-called religious leaders,

To rule the world.



I am nothing anyway,

If I can die for the greater good,

I would gladly do so,

So be it.



A path to destruction,

For a youth with an empty void.

The bombs come,

And to the heavens I go.



Why do you make use of youths in this way?

Are you happy,

To see youths unhappy,

Die for your aim?



Why is Islam about the only religion,

That allows polygamy,

And calls for religious supremacy,

And also with no central religious leadership?




You call for Jihad,

Jihad is not just about war,

The higher meaning I heard,

Is to gain the enlightenment of life.



Most religions crave not for mortal power,

Only preaches good,

Not destruction,

Not bombs.


People dying,

People suffering,

Western imperialism,

Western capitalism.



I only know I have nothing to do,

I am sad.

Hear me!

You are being made use of!


An empty void,

The most dangerous being in the human nature,

Leading people to destructive behavior,

Be warned!


Go look for a job,

And peacefully earn your living,

Not succumb,

To religious bigotry.

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