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The Spurned "Lover"

 article about The Spurned Lover

This woman is very strange,

She has big breasts,

Yet she is also quite capable,

Is she for real?


Women who are fat and with big breasts,

Are usually stupid, aren't they?

Women who are thin,

Are the ones capable, right?


She is quite kind, I think,

Maybe there is a chance,

I will just like to get to know her,

For a lunch.


Oh, she lives on landed property,

And heard quite a smart student,

She thinks she is too good for me,



I hate her,

And love her,

Hate her,

And love her.


Stupid idiot!

So dao!

I will make life difficult for her,

Starting from now.


I will make her job difficult,

Complain about her to the boss,

Curse she do not get a promotion.


She thinks she is too good for me,


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