And so, the magical family settled down in Singapore. They are all smart people, you must remember. It wasn't very long before they established themselves in various cornerstones of society. One of them is education. Moreover, don't forget all the various fund-raising in schools for certain unorthodox causes in China in the early days of Singapore.


Those aside, flash forward to the 1990s. The Ministry of Education often has some "inspirational" guidelines for teaching methods, much to the skepticism of this family. The agreed mantra is, "It's the results that matter." Therefore, it was homework after homework, worksheet after worksheet. In the end, all the "As" came out. However, is it a case, where no knowledge but only facts were imparted?


And so, it continued, laughing at the ministries and government as was the norm by this family.


"Singapore is a meritocratic society." announced the government.


"Oh no, our family is the best," was the reply.


And so, if you check the lists of students for medicine and law faculties in Singapore, it is not surprising to see the same surnames popping up again and again. It is in fact, very easy to verify whether they do deserve a place there. Always check that child out from primary one to three and you will know automatically.


A bit fed up, this family still wasn't satisfied with their status and the autonomy that runs thick in their veins took stage.


"Our schools will go autonomous. We will be the royalty within our own little worlds".


And so, they did. And so, the crass education saga in Singapore continues.


-to be continued-