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The Big Picture and Small Picture

 article about The Big Picture and Small Picture

Price of food,

Price of oil,


And wages,



Inflation sets in,

Where money is lower than its value.

So what is one to do?

And what is a government to do,

Pray tell?


To give subsidies,

Will gain popularity and approval ratings,

But in the long run,

The economy will be in high deficit,

Causing countries to go bankrupt.


Oh, that is the big picture,

The nice big overall view,


This dirty word-

Sacrificing short-term.


So when big picture is presented,

But the man on the street only knows all prices are high,

He is struggling to make end meets,

Saving here,

Scrimping there.


Others are taking to the street,

Even those educated who know that the government is making a rational decision,

Are discontented lots.

And so prices go up, up and up.

Life is tough.


The tension between food and fuel is now,

More intertwined than before,

If you have money from oil running the economies,

You can buy food,

But fuel is also now food.


Short-term is painful,

Like a baby's teething problems,

But people only know that

Prices are-






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