To my first instinct, loneliness sucks big time. It is an empty feeling that grips me when I feel all alone in the world. In fact, I wrote this statement upon pondering over my past "relationships"-

Loneliness grasps me, and I wonder-

Should I search for partnership?

A potential mistake, which every woman commits,

Exchanging their bodies for love.

And in the end?


Back to where we were.

Yet, upon pondering again, perhaps loneliness might not be such a bad thing after all. You see, Man is by nature selfish and self-interested. Many people do things for money, for power, for acknowledgement . . . The list goes on. Yet people do things because of loneliness as well.

The elusive search for companionship, for love and to expand one's social circle - all this is linked to loneliness. There are many people in the world who call chat-lines, go on dating services, or join social activities - the desire to be part of a group. To be loved. To belong. To be accepted.

A bad thing? If everybody in the world were to do things for themselves, can you imagine what would happen? Thus loneliness can overcome selfishness. Of course, it can be argued that the desire to cease one's loneliness is from one's selfishness as well. Perhaps it's a thesis and an antithesis. Yet, the truth remains - loneliness can battle selfishness. An oxymoron: loneliness stems from and counters selfishness. There you have it.

So next time you feel lonely, don't beat yourself up over it. Think of it as an incentive to overcome your selfish desires. You'll feel better about it.