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When I was a little girl, friends were friends. That was that.

But, school was over
again (like I said before) and social circles came into play. There
were such things as networks, colleagues and the terms "acquaintances"
also came into play.

Apparently, if you believe America,
you have to have a different set of behaviour for every set of people
that you know. Many books are written by many American authors about
such interaction. I finally found some usage from sociology where
Goffman's theory comes into play.

"Don't mix business with pleasure."

"Relationships in the office are strictly a no-no."

"The way you shake hands tells a lot about you."

The last is an
accursed formality. Shake too weakly, and you come across as meek.
Shake too firmly, and you are deemed to be far too assertive.

What the hell!!!! A shake is a shake. Bloody shit.

Who says acting is
just for professionals? Every single of us are acting every day. For
me, it got increasingly tiring. Hand phones started coming up, with
categories for business, home. Ditto for MSN, and for addresses books.

Entering the adult
world, life is not so simple and clear-cut. Therefore, technology has
to come up with devices to separate it into neater packages. Haha!

Maybe that makes life simpler. Yah, like I really believe it.

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