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A Tough Global Capitalist World

 article about A Tough Global Capitalist World

The world is not what it used to be,

In this global capitalist society,

Life is hard.


All prices shoot up,

The cost of living is high,

Yet wages remain the same.


A tough global love,

Integrated between governments,

Leading to crime in their societies.


In the past those who were rich,

Gave money to the poor,

That was that.


There were countries and regions richer,

A cut above the rest,

Now it is more egalitarian.


Perhaps Islamic terrorism,

Was on the cusp of a new world order,

A change that was emerging.


I only know,

That in general races and nationalities that are not so strict in moral behavior,

Make for better global leaders.


From past experience,

People who are "strict",

Are also among those who have the potential to be the most cruel,

Even to their own kind, whatever that means.


The yuan is pegged,

The highest valued company a bit above trillion is in China,

Yet- many Chinese in China are suffering.


Meanwhile- I don't know.

The income divide is now not between,

But within countries.


World War III may have been averted,

But the most deadly phenomenon it will morph into.

Is civil war.

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