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Airies Like Aries

 article about Airies Like Aries


It is a song full of fury with control, written using computer software by Walt Rebeiro. I like the title Airies because it reminds me of the horoscope "Aries", brimming with fire and strength.The music is a whole chant of staccatos linked together. The short, abrupt notes weaved together in one harmonious whole is the lifeblood that gives the music the voice of suspense and hope. In the musical realm, most scores consist of long notes. It is usually a challenge for musicians, and young ones at that, to compose a whole score of music consisting mostly of staccatos. Never before have I heard woodwinds full of such clarity imbued with strength. In music, it is generally possible to emote strength from bass and brass, but not so with woodwinds.My only grouse is that the last stanza ends on a suspending note, leaving the listener dangling in the air. However, whenever you need a rush of adrenaline, listen to this.



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