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 article about Who

Who's who in this world?

Is this really important,

In our short lives?


You may know the CEO or the director,

But all is lost,

With no real caliber of your own.


You may have all the connections,

Pull all the strings you may,

But all is lost if you are lost.


So what if you know who's who?

The more important question is who are you?

Or do you not want to know this?


Knock, knock, who's there?

My dad's daughter,

My friend's friend.


Knock, knock, who's there?

My boss's employee,

The company's client.


A name please.

Ok, I give you my name,

This is my name.


No time to think,

Work overload,

And time squeezed.


Busy weeny ditzy tipsy,

My husband's wife,

My children's mother.


I am who I am,

Is this possible,

In an urban society?


Yes, it is,

I am me,

You are you.


The looking glass theory in sociology is crass,

When others' opinions determines your reflection,

Of yourself.


At most,

Merely your reflection,



Who are you?

I am not who I am,

I have to make other people in this urban society like me.


Do you only want to be a reflection?




My cousin once said,

"I can deceive the whole world,

But I can never deceive myself."


Self-delusion the most evil,

A dream-like world,

In a cocoon.


Who's who,

Oh, I know him/her,

We're connected.


At the end of working life,

Retirement beckons,

Hey, who's who?


There is no who's who anymore,

There is also no me,

Who am I?



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