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 article about Happiness

There is a time when everybody experiences the void,

An empty feeling,

Which sinks in like dread.


There is a time when you are not alone but in fact alone,

Where silence-

Rings much deeper.


And so people start doing what they like to do,

To bring themselves happiness,

To fill up the dreaded void.


Many people start partying,

Go round looking for love,

But never think of the people around them.


And maybe, later in life,

Then, they start noticing these people,

People who have made a difference in their lives.


And then maybe, happiness-

Is when you bring others happiness,

And their smiles become your smile.


Suddenly, when you are in a room,

You are not alone.

You are with people whom you realize love you.


And then maybe, just maybe,

The void will be gone,

And you can live your life again.


The happiness will come,

But what is happiness?

Without the dreaded void at times?


Can one experience happiness,

Without the other emotions?

What is a sweet apple without a sour one?


The void complements happiness,

Happiness complements the void,

Intertwined throughout the course of our lives.


Troubles will come,

Troubles will go,

Making happiness a happier experience.


Oscillating between the two,

As time passes,

With the pendulum ticking on and on.


Tick-tock, tick-tock,

Only time will tell,

What one's greatest moment of happiness truly is...




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