There was once a little girl who was the daughter of a magical couple. She was the epitome of sunshine. Whenever she laughed, it was like silver bells jingling.


However, this little girl was not the model girl. She was rather active and didn't really enjoy sitting inside her house. Instead, she adored going outdoors and exploring. Her mother often scolded her and chided her to stay at home.


"One day, something will happen to you if you don't stay at home like a good girl."


One day, the little girl stumbled upon a garden. It had the loveliest flowers you could ever imagine. The little girl was so happy. Laughing, she went happily dancing around the flowers. Until she saw a shining rose. It was the most beautiful flower she had ever seen. Almost drawn as though it was magic, she plucked the rose.


"You naughty girl!" an old woman cried. "Come along and do household chores for me now for plucking that rose."


And the old woman set the little girl to work, repeatedly knocking her head with a saucepan. The little girl was scared and kept on working.


Meanwhile, her face became increasingly frozen and expressionless.


Unknown to her, this rose symbolized the hatred between this old woman and an old man. These two are among the best geniuses in the magical world. The two had initially planned to get married. However, they had quarreled and then broke up.


The old woman suddenly cried. "Oh, why did you pluck the rose! Why!"


Now, the old man was a rather mild-tempered man and was very willing to make up. But, the old woman was still bitter and refused to reconcile.


All this hatred was now in the little girl's heart. From then, with any boyfriend who entered her life, she would quarrel and break up with them.


And so we have roses given to the ladies. And so divorce rates go up. And so lesbians and gays are present.


"The little girl! The little girl!" wept the old woman.


And since then, her laughter like the silver bells was never heard again.