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Of Creation and Invention

 article about Of Creation and Invention

Lights pass, days cast,

Gray and green, then blue and white,

A lot of people ponder-

And wonder,

And ponder-

And wonder again.


The way of pondering,

Is the way of the world.

So we have astronauts, spacecraft and missiles.


At times, the world seems to have become too complicated,

A concrete jungle,

A politics of oil,

An agony of sorts.



In our quest for truth,

Have we made the truth more elusive?

Rather than more realized,

We wonder,

We ponder.


Robots and computers we invent,

And then fear they will overcome us,

And rule the world.

Devices all we invent,

And say time is money,

Time saved, more time, more work, more money, more happy,

Or is it-

Jobs created, money spent, credit stretched, instalments galore.


The world of nature,

Is now one of leisure,

Not of natural,

But that of the other.


Man knows not what we have created.

God created us, we created many things,

Are we then-

Cleverer than God-

Or think, we are cleverer than Him?

Perhaps, perhaps not, yes some say, and no others.


Boom! The world explodes!

Time... tick tick tick.

No, I hope not.

Somewhere, salvation is a-waiting,

Somewhere, somewhere...




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